Out Now: Mike Sheridan – Atmospherics

  • Mike Sheridan Cristal Baschett

Renowned Danish composer Mike Sheridan, celebrated for his groundbreaking contributions to Danish music, releases his third album, "Atmospherics." After a decade-long journey of self-discovery and exploration, Sheridan invites listeners on a captivating and deeply personal musical expedition.

Having made significant contributions to films, theaters, and art museums over the past decade, Sheridan's third album is a culmination of his introspective search for his unique inner sound. The album marks a meeting point between his past and present selves, showcasing a musical evolution that defies expectations.

Atmospherics is available on vinyl
Atmospherics is also available on vinyl 

Titled "Atmospherics," the album draws inspiration from electrical disturbances in the atmosphere, mirroring the collision of computer collages, classical instruments, crystal-clear melodies, and heavy rhythms within the music. Contrary to Sheridan's initial plan for a controlled and melody-light release, the album took an unexpected turn, embracing a more dramatic and energetic approach.

Reflecting on the creative process, Sheridan, a self-taught songwriter and producer, describes the album as a meeting between his adult self and the child he once was. "Atmospherics" becomes a vessel for capturing the ideas and fascinations of his younger self, cultivating and amplifying them in a unique musical journey.

The album's themes traverse a wide range of subjects inspired by Sheridan's passions, including the myth of Orpheus, orphan stars, and digital mirror images. The result is a collage of experimental sounds and compositions, featuring moments of dub, techno, pop, and modern compositional music.

"Atmospherics" boasts collaborations with both Danish and international artists, including Agnes Aldén, Indra Rios-Moore, BYLJA, and Janus Rasmussen. Visual artist Nicolai Howalt contributes to the album's identity with unique and captivating artwork.

Sheridan's "Atmospherics" is a breath-taking musical exhalation, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in an artist's willingness to explore and innovate.