Blaue Blume performs together with Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra

Together with the prestigious Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra Blaue Blume are embarking on an exciting journey into uncharted symphonic realms on 24th March 2024.

Blaue Blume's musical universe seamlessly aligns with the original concept of "60 Minutes," a fusion of symphonic indie rock. Through a harmonious collaboration with the orchestra's ensemble of classical musicians and the ingenious composer Christian Balvig, Blaue Blume's melodious compositions are set to unfurl in completely fresh and awe-inspiring auditory landscapes. Both their timeless classics and newer pieces have undergone musical transformations, leading to extended symphonic masterpieces.

The band members themselves express their sentiments, stating, "It has always been our dream to join forces with a symphony orchestra. We firmly believe that, alongside Christian Balvig and the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra, we can breathe new life into our songs, creating an exhilarating universe that we eagerly anticipate unveiling in the exquisite Radio House concert hall."

Blaue Blume has redefined the standards for dreamy and melancholic songwriting within the Danish music scene. Few Danish bands possess such a distinct identity that eloquently mirrors life's brightest moments as well as its profound intricacies. In the performance titled "60 Minutes of Blaue Blume," the trio of band members – Jonas Holst Schmidt, Buster Jensen, and Søren Buhl – will be accompanied by a full symphony orchestra. They will showcase well-loved songs in their full grandeur, alongside intimate renditions featuring just a single violin. Prepare to be transported on a musical journey, where the exquisite and grandiose vocals of lead singer Jonas Holst Schmidt will mesmerize and captivate you fully.