“The journey probably started by secretly watching MTV with my older sisters when my parents were out of the house. It led to spending weekends in my best friends basement (I was about 9 years old) where we founded a rock band. I got to be the frontman, shred the guitar and scream.”, states Paul.

“At first school ruined my belief in making music until I picked it up again to make electronic music (which resulted in no homework but lots of new tracks and angry neighbors).”

His first release was ‘Slavery’ featuring Turkish Popstar Sena Sener. “After years of uploading my music on Soundcloud I started to connect with other artists and started producing for some of them.” says Paul.

At the age of 19, Paul went on a European support tour for Texan born Berlin based singer Sean Bradford in the summers of 2016 and 2017. In addition to being his support DJ and live act, he produced a number of his tracks including “44th and 8th” which gained over 5 million streams on Spotify.

After two summers performing at over 60 venues across Europe, Paul, then 22, moved to Stockholm to fully focus on his solo career. The long and dark Swedish winter helped him to rediscover and developed his love for singing and song-writing resulting in his debut EP ‘Surrender’ which draws upon influences from his electronic roots and merges with his love of acoustic song-writing. The five track EP is anIndie Electronic concoction full of stories from his past year, blending his soft voice together with his dark synth sounds over a driving breakbeat.

Back in the Black Forest (Germany) Paul released an array of singles including ‘Silence’ and ‘Machinery’. He also kept producing for other artists including “Kapkaranlık Her Günüm” and “Teni Tenime” by Sena Sener with “Teni Tenime” becoming one of her most successful songs to date. Paul is also featured on “Evaporate” by US-producer Kevin Durante.

In 2021 PaulWetz signed to Hamburg based label hfn music. So far, he released the singles "Misfits", "People" (incl. Kasper Bjørke Remix) and "Bruises" (incl. Flowers On Monday Remix) on the Hamburg label. Next stop: "Hypnotize Me" in July.

Recently, Paul created quite a stir with his short videos on TikTok. Check out his content here:

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PaulWetz Hypnotize Me



PaulWetz Bruises (Flowers On Monday Remix)



PaulWetz Bruises (PaulWetz Remix)



PaulWetz Bruises



PaulWetz People (Kasper Bjørke Rework)



PaulWetz People



PaulWetz Misfits