ex.girls (formerly known as Russian Girls)

“Although ex.girls (formerly known as Russian Girls)  started out as a solo project it soon became a platform for me and my friends who like making good music,” founder Guðlaugur Einarsson explains. Today, he defines Russian Girls as a trio, with Tatjana Dís and Gyl Sigurðsson, for the most part. “Our connection comes from our former studio on Skúlagata (Reykjavík),” says Guðlaugur, “where we spent a lot of time together making music, sharing knowledge and chilling.” Being a member of kraut-techno trio Ra ðn as well as rock bands Skrattar and Fufanu - which evolved from techno duo Captain Fufanu - makes Guðlaugur no stranger to collaboration.

The productions feature lush arrangements, a lo-fi attitude, a crunchy bass, not to forget a fine dose of nordic humor, which they describe as 'SauerLounge'.

„The mater­ial is a lot more esoteric [than Fufanu] and could be descri­bed as a mixt­ure of electronic, lounge and ballads.“ (mbl.is / Iceland monitor)

Russian Girls was also nominated as the best newcomer album at “The Icelandic Music Awards“. His album was released on Lady Boy Records on tape only.

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