Russian Girls / Digua - Sisters & Brothers Vol. 5

Russian girls

The latest transmission from the Sisters & Brothers series returns to where it began, with Iceland’s latest discovery Russian Girls stepping up for a fierce five-track EP.

“Although Russian Girls started out as a solo project it soon became a platform for me and my friends who like making good music,” founder Guðlaugur Einarsson explains. Today, he defines Russian Girls as a trio, with Tatjana Dís and Gyl Sigurðsson, for the most part. “Our connection comes from our former studio on Skúlagata (Reykjavík),” says Guðlaugur, “where we spent a lot of time together making music, sharing knowledge and chilling.” Being a member of kraut-techno trio Ra ðn as well as rock bands Skrattar and Fufanu - which evolved from techno duo Captain Fufanu - makes Guðlaugur no stranger to collaboration.

Sisters & Brothers is the result of the combined curational talents of Kasper Bjørke and Sexy Lazer - on a quest to showcase amazing music from their extended musical family.

On the new Degua EP ‘Villtu Ekki’ (I don’t want) starts things off, a restrained, melancholic opener that combines wistful vocals with slowly modulating synths and a heartbeat like-pulse.

‘Í nótt um dag’ (Night time every day) is still on the outsider pop tip, clearly showcasing how the duo understands hooks and atmosphere.

‘Bíóbabb’ a co-production between Russian Girls and Kraftgalli raises the temperature somewhat, a quirky effected vocal on top of a tight rhythm section and those trademark post-punk synth sounds.

‘Por Que Rock’ is a signature low slung, off-kilter jam, something the Russian Girls have been pulling off since their first release on Sisters & Brothers.

Bryan Kessler, the German DJ, producer and writer, adds his own take to Bíóbabb in a spectacular remix, adding plenty of weight and additional energy for the dance floor while maintaining the original’s oddball quality.



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Russian Girls Digua - Sisters & Brothers Vol. 5



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