New Glas single "Midnight Fay" out now!

Glas, the latest musical endeavor from former Giana Factory members Lisbet Fritze and Louise Foo, stands out as a fresh addition to the music scene. Describing their new project, they share that "Midnight Fay" explores the delicate boundary "between dreams and reality." According to the duo, the song delves into the themes of loss and heartbreak within the trance-like ambiance of midnight dancing.

The chorus, urging listeners to "dream on," serves as both an inspirational call to persist in their dreams, with the potential for improvement, and a cautionary reminder about the dangers of losing oneself in illusions and escapism to evade reality. The duo expresses that, especially during life's bewildering phases, finding solace in something spiritual, religious, or magical can be comforting. In "Midnight Fay," this solace takes the form of a dance with a wise faerie who, having witnessed it all before, may offer healing or potentially lead one astray.

The musical composition is characterized by ghostly synths, lively arpeggios, energetic drums, and prominent guitar riffs, creating an enchanting tapestry of harmonious voices. The two individual melodies weave together, merging and unifying to form a captivating sonic experience.