Glas / Midnight Fay

Glas – Midnight Fay

Following “Melting Point”, "Midnight Fay" is the second single from hfn music’s freshest signing, Glas, the new project by former Giana Factory members Lisbet Fritze and Louise Foo. "'Midnight Fay' explores the realm "between dreams and reality” says the duo. “It delves into themes of loss and heartbreak during a trance-like state of midnight dancing.” The chorus, “dream on” is perhaps an inspiring reminder to keep dreaming, as things have the potential to improve.

However it could also be a cautionary note about losing oneself in illusions and escapism, in an attempt to avoid realities. “During life’s bewildering phases it can be comforting to seek solace in something spiritual, religious, or even magical. In 'Midnight Fay' it takes form as a dance with a wise faerie who has seen it all before, and hopefullly can heal the wounds. Or perhaps lead one further astray...” Ghostly synths, spirited arpeggios, upbeat drums, and upfront guitar riffs bolster an enchanting texture of harmonious voices, pre- senting two individual melodies, intertwined, morphing together, becoming unified.

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