Glas / Melting Point

Freshly signed to hfn music - Glas is the new project by Lisbet Fritze and Louise Foo of the now defunct Giana Factory. 
This debut release Melting Point sets the excitement levels for the project to ten - the track is a deeply atmospheric, woozy pop gem that combines reverb drenched guitars, a subtle club-ready rhythm section and beautiful vocal melodies from the pair. 

The track unleashes a full flow power groove before coming to an abrupt end - leaving us thirsty for more from this exciting project.  Reuniting during their separate journeys into motherhood, Louise and Lisbet founded Glas, finding kinship and room to reflect and create amidst newfound fragility, uncertainty and anxiety. Their debut single, Melting Point, captures these emotions in harmonious fusion.  Following their time with the Nordic pop-noir band Giana Factory, Lisbet has since featured with Anders Trentemøller as vocalist and guitarist, while Louise formed the band SØSTR alongside her sister Sharin Foo of The Raveonettes. 

Beyond their musical pursuits, Lisbet delves into architecture while Louise has a practise in visual and sonic arts. 
Glas, a Danish term for “glass”, symbolises the collaboration of these two kindred spirits. Together, they compose, record and produce music, fostering a sensitive collaboration where one’s sentences find completion in the other’s. Their music acts like a prism, subjective fragments where you sense honest, dreamlike and enigmatic aspects of life, which can resonate with receptive ears. 

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