Mike Sheridan New Album Atmospherics


Atmospherics, the new album by Mike Sheridan coming on 17th November

Danish composer Mike Sheridan, known for his groundbreaking contributions to the Danish music scene, is set to release his third album, "Atmospherics." After a decade of exploration and self-discovery, Sheridan's highly-anticipated album promises to be a unique and deeply personal musical journey.

For the past ten years, Sheridan's exceptional sense of sound and melody has enriched films, theaters, and art museums. His third album has been a long time coming, as he needed to reconnect with his inner sounds after his remarkable breakthrough at the age of 16.

"Atmospherics" represents a harmonious blend of his past and present musical identity. Over the course of three years, Sheridan crafted the album, drawing inspiration from atmospheric disturbances during thunderstorms. The album's title mirrors its sonic landscape, where computer collages, classical instruments, crystal-clear melodies, and heavy rhythms collide, offering a rich, electronically processed experience.

Sheridan initially aimed for a controlled, melody-light release, but the creative process took a different turn. "Atmospherics" became a vivid and dramatic expression of his artistic energy, a departure from his initial plans.

As a self-taught songwriter and producer, Sheridan embraced intuitive work, leading him to revisit his 14-year-old self during the album's creation. He sought to capture the essence of his childhood fascination with sound, resulting in a meeting of past and present influences that cultivate and amplify his creative vision.

The album's theme of cultivating rather than discarding artistic ideas is evident throughout. Sheridan combines his passions for film, art, and literature, creating an experimental musical space that explores a variety of themes and styles.

"Atmospherics" features collaborations with both Danish and international artists, delivering a diverse and captivating musical experience. Visual artist Nicolai Howalt has contributed to the album's artwork, completing the immersive artistic journey that "Atmospherics" promises to be.

Atmospherics will be released on vinyl and digital on 17th November 2023.