between mermaids and me – HMS Beagle (Sleep Party People Remix)


Out Now: between mermaids and me – HMS Beagle (Sleep Party People Remix)

In a captivating fusion Sleep Party People's Brian Batz has breathed new life into between mermaids and me's "HMS Beagle" originally release on the Reality Cravings EP last year.

This remarkable musical journey, now remixed by Batz, is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of sound and the boundless potential of artistic collaboration. "HMS Beagle" emerges from its chrysalis, transformed into a hypnotic and otherworldly composition that redefines the boundaries of genre and imagination.

Batz's interpretation delves deep into uncharted sonic territories. Blending elements of hyper-pop, breaks, and abstract Drum'n'Bass, the remix draws inspiration from legendary figures such as Aphex Twin and Burial. The result is a sonic landscape that seems to hover on the precipice between weightlessness and intense gravity, where the ethereal and the ghostly collide in a mesmerizing dance.

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