Fluqx / Vanishing Point

Fluqx Vanishing Point

When producer Joel Krozer and singer Brian Della Valle first met it was clear that a musical collaboration was a must. Hearing Brian (also singer-songwriter Of The Valley) recording in the studio below his, Joel was immediately struck by his voice:

“His uniquely deep, dark timbre got me curious - how would he sound over these tracks I’m working with? It turned out to be at the other extreme of his vocal range where they excelled” Joel remembered.

Their first encounter was followed by late night recording sessions together with collaborator Søren Holme, which quickly became the cornerstone of their partnership and the formation of Fluqx.

Their debut single "Vanishing Point" makes use of desolate synth landscapes contrasted with intimate vocal deliveries over steady, pulsating drum patterns.

Its textures are reminiscent of Joel’s mixing room, which features walls of historic analog equipment, the same he uses when working with artists such as Clark (Warp), Smerz (XL Recordings) and When Saints Go Machine (Escho).

Vanishing Point excels through its lush dynamics, starting with an insistent, ascending intro and short, ambient break-ups between the hooks. Tonally, "Vanishing Point" is a true adventure, deeply honest and transfixing. Vanishing Point is a powerful statement, leaving the listener with a thirst for what else Fluqx has in store.

The accompanying music video animated by Alex Dubrocard and shot by Joel Krozer is a tour de force. Otherworldly objects traverse through luscious, vast plains, exploring beauty and open space. One feels a kinship to these visitors and so too with their story as it plays out against these immense, beautiful backgrounds.

Out 06.09.2019 on hfn music

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