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Fluqx Feather

Fluqx are back with a superb new single entitled ‘Feather’, featuring more of the moving synth melodies and crunchy drums that make their sound so irresistible.

Fluqx duo Joel Krozer and Brian Della Valle have a unique chemistry in the studio, resulting in a heady mix of experimental electronics, seductive melodies anda ecting vocals.

Joel explains, “Our idea with ‘Feather’ was to create a weightless universe where all the synths feel organic and effortless. We often work with images as opposed to musical references throughout the production process and for ‘Feather’ the slow motion video close upsof Bill Viola’s floating bodies was a key influence.”

The vocal synth that opens the track comes from playing back a recording of Joel’s voice, mapped across the keyboard for harmonisation. The drums are recorded in a church on the Island of Bornholm giving them a grand sense of scale. It makes for a majestic and airy piece of beautifully delicate electronic music that tugs at the heart strings while reaching for the heavens.

A typically amazing remix comes from Swedish techno pioneer Peder Mannerfelt, who adds a deep underground rave spin to proceedings, turning the original into a basement trip into the outer reaches of dance music. Peder is also known as The Subliminal Kid and for his production work for Fever Ray, Blonde Redhead or remixes for Massive Attack, Bat For Lashes and Lykke Li.

As well as these, previous single ‘Staring at the Sun’ is also included and rounds out a tantalizing new package from this on-point duo.

‘Feather’ is also accompanied by a striking new music video, premiered at Kaltblut Magazine, set in an endless black space that slowly fills with cascades of light and plays with a beautifully distorted reality.

Amdi Niss-Espinoza, wo directed the stunning visuals: “This was such a inspiring video to make, the freedom of the project let the aesthetics of the footage shape the narrative, instead of the usual boring preconceived fitting of the footage into a fixed storyline… Thank you Joel/Fluqx for trusting me enough to do it the other way around.”

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