Fluqx / Staring At The Sun

Fluqx Staring At The Sun

Following on from their debut single & video ‘Vanishing Point’, described as ‘a haunting piece of textured synthpop sweetness whose lush dynamics invite the listener to simply float along into uncharted territory - relaxing and fascinating’ (Nothing But Hope And Passion), Fluqx return with ‘Staring At The Sun’.

Producer-engineer Joel Krozer and singer Brian Della Valle formed Fluqx together in Copenha- gen after a chance encounter with co-writer Søren Holme - before long they started working on a project for hfn music.

‘Staring At The Sun’ sparkles and shimmers, the blissful synths paint a seamingly endless landscape of haze, grounded by the vocal hook’s luscious accounts of blood moons and rain.

“‘Staring At The Sun’ came together on a ight from Barcelona to Copenhagen.” says Joel, “We had the vocals and synths already tracked but the arrangement and drums didn’t cut through my headphones with the background noise of the plane. So I reworked it in 3 hours expecting to do more changes in the studio after. In the end all it needed was a little mixing and the track was done. The song itself is inspired by a scene from the polish lm On The Silver Globe. Not so much the story, but the solitary, explorative feeling Zuławski portraits.”

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