Frum / Tumbled

Frum - Tumbled

Jenný Augustudóttir Kragesteen returns with her Frum moniker with another blissful pop moment - Tumbled. Jenný, who grew up in the middle of the Atlantic ocean in the Faroese Islands, is a singer/songwriter who finds her inspiration from her unique surroundings, and has been sharing those moments via hfn music since 2019.

Here with Tumbled, we have a perfect example of her craft - melodic, ethereal pop that’s both melancholic and uplifting, married to an inventive, infectious production.

“I wrote this song to process the different emotions I have been through since I released my first single. Things changed right away and the possibilities that opened for me were a bit overwhelming.”
“This song is about being in situations, when you aren’t sure what to do, and accepting that choices aren’t wrong or right, just different paths you take.”Frum says.

The music video for Tumbled has been created and edited by Frum and Billa Jenný Jónleifsdóttir.

“The song is also about how I experienced releasing music and creating Frum. I was very aware from the beginning that I wanted to build strong visuals, which have been a part of the whole emotional process - finding and shaping Frum. So for this video I wanted to make a collage of different photoshoots to give a glimpse of how some of my visuals are created. My friend Sára who has been helping me with visuals from the very beginning took the photos and my other friends Oddvør and Billa Jenný filmed some details from the photoshoots.”

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