Frum / For The Blue Sky

Frum - For The Blue Sky

"It’s always there, the blue sky. We tend to sometimes forget it when it’s hidden from us."

For The Blue Sky is a captivating, visionary and melancholic debut-album written out of the infinite, yet often clouded source of honesty by one of the most interesting new talent from the Nordics.

While the music floats through the sphere of electronic Pop with a distinctive undertone, the lyrics tell the story of a reflective mind treating everyday doubts and large feelings. If you have ever been feeling pressure or doubts related to giving your all and being your best self, chances are that Frum’s honest and courageous texts will resonate with you. Listening to Frum’s silky voice and the atmospheric and light vibes of the album, one can’t help but feel like being part of a movie.

Frum aka Jenný Jónsdóttir Kragesteen is an artist from the Faroe Islands, 18 small islands in the North Atlantic. Growing up on these tiny islands, Frum has always had a profound curiosity for the world and space around her. This eventually led her to study a degree in philosophy.

The intro lyrics “Awake, in this universe” reflect Frum way of relating her feelings and thoughts to the vast space and times of the universe. Relating concepts of love, acceptance, hope and control to incomprehensible spaces might leave you feeling small. The humbleness of these thoughts add a beautiful and poetic dimension to the ups and downs of daily life and in finding one’s place.

When asked what period in time Frum would like to visit for a day, the answer comes instantly without hesitation. “I feel like I have been born too early. There is so much of the world and the future that we do not know yet and that I would like to see.” This insatiable curiosity and way of looking ahead is mirrored in the songs of the album as well as in the innovative sounds and arrangements of the tracks.

For The Blue Sky tells the story of a young woman finding her way in a world, where options are endless and self-doubt is real, but in the end finds the right path again - for herself, for everyone else, for the blue sky. Frum wrote the songs of the album in times when she was mentally at extreme lows but also extreme highs.

Take Run for example - a song about being where you always wanted to be, but then realizing it’s not as peaceful as you imagined. On the other hand, there are optimistic moments like Again And Again, a love song and one of Frum’s most personal songs yet. She observes how love can make you forget your problems for a moment as she starts the song with the lines: “Since you called my name, and kissed me in the dark, my problems felt like art”. For the album’s beautiful interludes, Frum invited her sister, who surprises the listener from time to time with a very stripped-down verse sounding like they were sung right from their family’s living room piano.

Frum has already taken her home-country by storm, playing on the magical G!-Festival, performing on national television for the Faroese Music Awards, as well as being nominated for both best upcoming artist and for best music videos.

After releasing the first songs, Frum has been performing at SPOT Festival in Denmark, Reeperbahn in Germany and toured in China. The last couple of years, Frum has been residing in Iceland taking in new inspiration to finalize her debut album For The Blue Sky.

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