Frum / Run

Frum - Run

Continuing her string of singles, Faroese singer/songwriter Frum (Jenný Augustudóttir Kragesteen) follows up on her earlier 2021 releases “Tumbled” and “Again and Again” with another blissful pop offering “Run”.

As the song’s percussion pierces through Frum’s multilayered airy vocals and reverb, the sparse arrangement pulls all these ethereal parts into a captivating whole. Lyrically, “Run” addresses the uncanny confusion that arises when you get what wanted, but, somehow, it doesn’t bring as much joy as you thought it would.

“The song is about finally being in the place you have been longing for for a long time, but then realising that it doesn’t feel so good and peaceful as you imagined, and you just wanna run away,” Frum explains. “It is easy to think that you will suddenly feel fulfilled when you have reached a certain goal, but sometimes it just makes you feel haunted.”

The initially uneasy groove dissolves into a breezy and melancholic melody, creating a truly delicate soundscape with Frum’s unmistakable dash of Nordic coolness.

As “Run” comes to a breathy conclusion, it leaves you with the impression of a song-writer exploring new skies whilst remaining grounded in the atmospheric merits of her vision. May her string of singles soon yield yet another pearl.

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