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Mike Sheridan – Metaphorically Speaking

SUBSPACE is the second single leading up to the new Mike Sheridan album ATMOSPHERICS and is the result of a new collaboration between him and the Danish up-and-coming electronic act BYLJA.

“BYLJA originally approached me for a remix, but loads of different ideas came up in the process, and SUBSPACE found its form rather quickly.” says Mike. “As the rest of ATMOSPHERICS had taken shape, the song sequence called for a plateau of energy, and it made sense to rework SUBSPACE using similar tools from the instru- mentarium of the album. The song is driven by a steady 4/4 timing and has these quirky and chirpy percussions that made me think of how a space- ship might pass interstellar objects at lightspeed.”

“Using live strings on the song came about as a completely different idea; that the word SUBSPACE is used to describe two things; in sci-fi terminology as “ integral part of the universe, distinct from yet coexistent with normal space and its respective space-time continuum”, as well as “... a trance-like euphoria of overtly intense emotions experienced by some submissives in the BDSM scene”, thereby the strings could achieve, more than one, romantically illustrative proportion.”

Consisting of Marchel Mørk and Emil Aagaard, BYLJA already stirred a buzz with their 2021 EP Sojourn. Their warm and organic sound is achieved by using a combination of electronic components, analog synthesizers, and acoustic instruments and draws inspiration from the won- ders of nature.

SUBSPACE features BYLJA alongside Bjarke Falgren on all strings, violin, viola, and cello.

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