Mike Sheridan / Minds I

Mike Sheridan – Minds I

Playground Music Denmark and hfn music proudly announce the first release of their new signing Mike Sheridan. 

Minds I features Agnes Aldén and is the first singe taken off Mike’s upcoming new album Atmospherics. 
Mike Sheridan has been a part of the Copenhagen electronic music scene since the mid 00’s and pursuits an ambient and dreamy approach using his music studio as a creative playground. His masterfully crafted music is rich in details and emotions, but remains accessible despite its complexity. 

The new single Minds I opens with a quote by Death itself, as seen in Jean Cocteau’s Rolls Royce driving princess in the 1950 film Orpheus. As the wind machine howls, the song enters a mirror-world and ponders computational multidimensional reasoning. Inspired by the SciFi-Noir realms of Cronenberg and Gibson, Minds I keeps its meanings open to interpretation. 

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