Reptile Youth / Speeddance


Reptile Youth is a riot, a dream and a 21st century fuck you dadaism movement.” - Mads Damsgaard

Having already earned a devotional following after a series of intense, raucous and explosive gigs across Europe and Asia, the release of their debut single ‘Speeddance’ will let the rest of the world in on the Reptile Youth secret.

Formed in Denmark in 2009 by Vocalist Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen and bassist Esben Valløe, and previously known as Reptile and Retard, the band toured extensively in 2010 and 2011 to rapturous acclaim from audiences and critics alike. Their live shows have border on barely contained chaos, their dominance of the stage inspiring a fervent following among those in the know.

Danish producer Kasper Bjørke, acting as A&R and executive producer for the band, is the man ensuring the transfer of this volatile energy to Reptile Youth’s releases. In 3 minutes of high-octane pop punk perfection, ‘Speeddance’ is a slap in the face to the indie pretenders, and a call to arms for a new generation. On the visual side UK photographer David Richardson took responsibility for the cover shooting.

"Speeddance is a reaction to a world of conformity. It‘s a hope and an encouragement for our generation to rise against this. Sometimes you need to lose yourself to find your way. Speeddance is this way of losing yourself", says Esben Valløe.

Propelled by Esben’s elastic bass, ‘Speeddance’ fires out of the traps with kinetic urgency, giving way only to Mads’ anthemic, semi-deranged vocal hook. Dripping with drama, lust, and absolute self belief, the track’s pulse is a pure rock n roll statement - welcome to Reptile Youth, the bastard sons of psychedelic Sixites Soul, Post Punk and Synth Pop. This 7inch is a bold statement of intent – furious, sexy and provocative.

In a further homage to their punk forefathers, accompanying the original on the single is a remake of ‘Speeddance‘ by much-lauded Norwegian band Deathcrush - the trio of Andreas Larssen, Åse Røyset and Linn Nystadnes. After seeing them playing in a sweaty apartment in Copenhagen, Reptile Youth quickly asked them to record their own version of the song. Åse and Linn‘s formidable female drawl leads the riot, as dance-punk meets post-fuck-noise-disco in a great big slice of attitude pie. Very close ‘to the embodiment of all that‘s good with dirty and intoxicating noise-rock‘, as described by UK techno veteran Luke Slater, this Nordic outfit are hot on the heels of Reptile Youth, careering around the rocky highways of the music industry with plenty of afore-missed artistry.

Signed to influential hfn music, with a hotly anticipated album produced by Dave M. Allen (The Cure, Sisters of Mercy) and Marc Ralph (Hot Chip) due out in spring, 2012 is undoubtedly the year of the Reptile and the Youth.

Selected press quotes:
"Neckbreaking Energy." (WDR Rockpalast)
"Reptile Youth – they are Rock’n Roll." (ORF)
"The duo is well-known for bringing the clubs and festivals to the boil." (THEGAP.AT)


DJ feedback:
Markossa (Radio FM4 Vienna): "Will play radio edit in regular rotation."
Dr. Motte: "Totaaally 80's. Leider geil - Download by Dr. Motte!"
Marcus Barnes (Resident Advisor): "Sterling."
Gordon Hollenga (The Disco Boys): "Great track, good remakes, i like and will support!"
Benoit C (Tsugi): "Nice EP!"


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