Reptile Youth / Reptile Youth: Remixed

“Reptile Youth are anything but usual. This is a band that aims not to capture whatever sound is buzzed about at the moment but what they’re feeling at the moment”, (Nylon Magazine), and their debut album 'Reptile Youth' is “an LP to get excited about. An album carefully thought out and confidently executed, specific tracks have been described as “pure aural bliss,” “a biblical electro-rock jam,” and “a surefire live favourite with a filthy synth line destined to loosen hips around the world”. (Purple Sneakers)

Mesmerizing through it’s clarity, rough around the edges and with a strong attitude, Reptile Youth’s selftitled debut album impressed both media and music fans. Triggered by the outstanding 'Speeddance' and released in autumn 2012 on hfn music, the album is a complex statement wrapped up in accessible arrangements and an outstanding production. Brilliant songwriting meets thoughtful lyrics, full of rebellion, anger and outbound introspection.

Reptile Youth can’t stand keeping this all for themselves. Mads and Esben are starving for reflections of their own world and so they’ve been courious to see what impact their music left on other creatives. They’ve been curating the ongoing videoproject and asked different video directors to shoot videos for every song from the album, but also looked out for musical reworks, remixes and reinterpretation of their songs.

After almost one year we are proud to present the Reptile Youth videoproject on and the brilliant Remix album in early may 2013.

Soul Clap’s Slow Hands open up the remixed album, that includes five brand new unreleased mixes, with their soulful and beautiful rework of 'Fear', before Terranova provide a narcotic & groovy underground club version of 'Black Swan Born White'.

On one of the new exclusive tracks Berlin’s own Smash TV push Reptile Youth’s anthem 'Speeddance' so deep down into the club underground that you can hear Hades knocking on the ceiling.

Thanks to Kasper Bjørke, Peaking Lights, Broke and Mark E, the lucky bag gets pulled back into the bright neon light. Bjørke’s blazing, yet unreleased, remix of 'Fear' doesn’t allow to stand still, before  Wiscon’s psychedelic pop duo Peaking Lights pave the way for newcomers Broke and UK old hand Mark E.

Another highlight and also brandnew and exclusive to this remix album is the Antonio Gram remix of 'Speeddance'. With an irresistable build from the unagitated beginning he extracts the raw energie of the song. Pure excitement.

Diana then turns 'It’s Easy To Lose Yourself' into an experimental aural sculpture  of monolithic Free Jazz, while Brooklyn’s finest Francis Harris & Gry as well as Canada’s My Favorite Robot send you back to the advanced dancefloor with solid drumworks and acid sparkles.

Finally the fantasic S.C.U.M, who unfortunately just split up, contribute a stunning remix for 'Black Swan Born White' and Keep Shelly in Athens close the album with a chill wave version of the same song.

Obviously centered around the original album, the impressive and manifold body of work on the remix album forms a whole new music universe in it’s own right.

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