Lydmor / 四 Claudia

Claudia Lydmor

Lydmor sets fire to the dance floor with her new single. On '四 Claudia' the electronic musician and songwriter opens the door into an edgy universe, where something dark and wrong lurks in the shadows of bodies and hotel rooms that suddenly transform into Parisian luxury suites with panthers wearing diamond leaches.

Musically and lyrically you can submerge yourself in the many layers of the song.

'四 Claudia' is a tour-de-force in dynamics and efficient build-up. From soothing electronic details the drama soars towards thundering cascades of synths in the techno-infused climax. As the musical drama intensifies, the lyrics grow into a reciting poem, rich with metaphors, with Lydmor both describing the situation and at the same time tears the patriarchal ideal to shreds.

She explains: "The song is a female declaration of power against the patriarchate, symbolized in the line: ”Behold, Money, I am woman!” Meaning: ”I observe you and I don't want you, because I'm stronger than you”. The lyrics are based on a poem detailing how a rich man manipulates a woman's life, but in the end she emerges victorious and on top. A feminist manifest for sure and a song about the horrible power tools grounded in sexuality, money, politics and submission. Based on personal experiences and presented as disguised art. If I revealed who Claudia truly really is, it would ruin the lives of certain people."

Sweet baby many names. Take the kitty in your hand honey Sweet lady many games. Spend a little of the band money On Claudia, On Claudia

Same street a different night. In the middle of the beast belly Suit glasses and a tie. Type of money that can get any
With your whispering hands. And your futile commands Your in search for new plans. I hope you find it all

All your looking for. But sweet baby many names
Take the kitty in your hand honey. Sweet lady many games Spend a little of the band money. On Claudia

With me is Money. Tinkle tinkle on the stairs Bodes extravagant intro

A single gold coin falls through the keyhole.
Then Bang! He jumps in With 40ties swing music

Winks to me under his Sharply trimmed brows
And turns my ceiling lamp into a chandelier
He kisses my cat fondly into a panther with a diamond leash Dances around pointing this way and that
Until my room resembles a Parisian luxury suite
My breasts are 3 sizes bigger
And my cereal has turned into Cocaine

Finally he stands with wild ecstatic eyes In the center of his creation

‘Behold Woman, I am Money!’

Loud and slow Like citing some ancient ritual
I let fall the last piece of underwear. And bow my head

‘Behold Money, I am Woman.’ You want Claudia. I’m not Claudia

Take that poor little kittie in your hand honey
So spend a little of that hard earned band Money

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