Ebb / Alive E.P.

Following on from his award winning debut album ‘Loona’ we are happy and proud to finally present brand new material from Sweden’s finest Ebb. With songs like ‘I’m All Made of Music’ or ‘Silent Lucy’, ‘Loona’ still is a musical milestone and was re-released on hfn music last year. 

Ebb is a singer, songwriter and musician who has managed to perfectly marry his love of this form with his passion for electronic music. 

His new Alive EP is once more a perfect example of this -  fully formed songs that merge guitars, vocals, synths, drum machines and more into a exceptional and heartfelt whole. 

‘Time’ opens the EP - sparkling, melancholic guitars meet a deep synth bass and urgent drums, providing the bedrock for Ebb’s emotive vocal. 

‘Alive’ has a slightly jazzier, swingier edge, a warm and rich bassline and shuffling drums, bright guitar melodies and synth strings that bring out the track’s double edged affirmation of life.  

‘Silence’ is built around a wistful piano hook, and sees Ebb’s vocals soar to create a warm and emotional track sure to be a favourite when played live. 

‘Breathe’ completes the EP - another perfectly crafted pop moment that suggests Ebb’s music is going to keep touching a lot of people over the next months and years. 

In addition to the new EP there will be a remix EP out on hafendisko in late October including remixes by Carreno is LB, 53 Keys, Panthera Krause and Julius Steinhoff.


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Ebb Alive E.P.



Ebb Loona (Bonus track version)