Sweden's Ebb is a songwriter and musician from the heart who turned his head into the production of electronic music. 

Starting from scratch with his acoustic guitar as a weapon of choice when it comes to sketches, layouts and melodies before each song is steadily processed into its final, more electronic form Ebb's productions can be seen as an amalgamation of two worlds, bringing out the best of both within in each and every song. 

Having been musically compared to the likes of Four Tet, Sigur Rós, Múm and The Broadway Project his work as a songwriter, producer and musician has led to collaborations with and remixes for artists all over the place whilst his own music has been reworked by the likes of Jori Hulkkonen and Andreas Tilliander. These remixes to scored high positions in playlists of clubs and radio in the UK and even resulted in a musical feature in the BBC show ”Long Way Down” starring Ewan McGregor.

Furthermore Ebb has been playing live in Sweden and the UK including well-received performances at BBC Radio 2 and Radio 4 as well as branching out into the world of writing and performing music for dance performances.

His debut album 'Loona' was awarded by Sweden’s most prestigious independent music award – the Manifest prize – for BEST ELECTRONIC ALBUM in February 2007. 'Loona' will be re-issued via hfn music in 2014 with two additional, previously unreleased songs that were written at the same time as the other songs on the album. 

His new 'Alive EP' is once more a perfect example of this -  fully formed songs that merge guitars, vocals, synths, drum machines and more into a exceptional and heartfelt whole.

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Ebb Alive E.P.



Ebb Loona (Bonus track version)