Lydmor & Eivør


Nevada - new single by Lydmor feat. Eivør

Bleeding cool news! Lydmor’s new single Nevada feat. famous Faroese singer Eivør is out now alongside a new dramatic music video, premiered on Lydmor and Eivør visit the enigmatic and isolated Hotel Leopold, located somewhere in the middle of a Nevadan desert. It’s an alluring, mysterious place bringing to mind something sprung out of the head of David Lynch.

Musically, ’Nevada’ alternates between the dreamy and the bombastic. The chorus has something grand about it. The production is minimalistic with few, but efficient elements; a beat, some simple chords, a bass and a couple of synths. But all the musical roles take up a lot of space, so it sounds big, wide and massive. And then of course the vocals on top of Lydmor and Eivør who complement each other effectually.

’Nevada’ is from the coming album ’CAPACITY’, which is Lydmor’s fourth studio album and which is released in March. According to the electronic pop-artist herself, this album is the most personal and complex to date.