Lydmor by Kasper Løftgaard


Lydmor music video collab with fans!

Lydmor is calling creative people to co-create her upcoming music video

The danish electronic artist Lydmor has toured all over the world (Europe, Asia, North and South America). She’s released by hfn music and is now calling creative people to join her in a global online collaboration for the video for her next single ”The Gadget Song”.

”The Gadget Song“ is a song written for the rainy days where you stay indoors and do small creative projects playing with your gadgets. During the Covid-19 pandemic we all had a lot of these rainy days. Lydmor spent them doing online concerts and experimenting with various online co-creation projects with her fans. 

"I’ve been flirting with co-creation with my super fans during the Covid-19 lockdown. It's been a very inspiring and creative process. I like letting go of my own expectations for a while and letting art involve in the space that is between people. It is exciting that I right now don't really know what the video is going to end up like. That is up to the people participating, says Lydmor from her studio in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Lydmor in her home studio


A part of “The Gadget Song” is now available for online streaming, in order to inspire fellow creatives around the globe to participate in the co-creation of a video for the song.

"The idea is that people video film themselves or items dancing to the music. Then upload the small clip to an online folder for others to see and get inspired by each other. In the end there will be a lot of small video clips with mutual inspiration, which will be edited together to a music video." says Lydmor.


ll you need to do to participate is to sign up here, and you will receive further information. 

By signing up
- you sign up to Lydmor’s and hfn music’s email newsletter.
- you agree that in case you submit visual or audio-visual content (’submitted materials’) to the collaboration you guarantee (and will be made responsible for) that the submitted material is entirely your own creation and is not infringing anybody’s copyrights.
- you confirm that you have the consent of any person that is pictured in the submitted material to appear here and also in the final music video by Lydmor. You should be able to provide written consents of any person pictured in the submitted content on request.
- you will keep the intellectual property in the material but you agree to license the submitted material to Lydmor for unlimited use in connection with the video project free of charge.
- you agree to keep the provided content in the project folder confidential and only use it for your own inspiration.
- you agree to keep private and not share any of the audio- or audio-visual content made available to you within this co-creation campaign
- It is prohibited to upload content that includes any kind of discrimination (ethnicity, age, religion, disability, nationality, sex/gender, sexual orientation etc.), nudity, sexual or pornographic content, violent, explicit or shocking content, child endangerment or sexualisation. Don't include content you don't own the rights to and if you film other people get permission from everyone you're recording. No hateful, disrespectful, intimidating content. We take into account to inform authorities if you upload any such content.

"I’m looking forward to your video clips and I hope you enjoy creating the video with me!

Yours Lydmor"


cover photo by Kasper Løftgaard