between mermaids and me / Reality Cravings

between mermaids and me - Reality Cravings

Reality Cravings is the exciting debut EP / mini album of Danish Glitch-Pop duo between mermaids and me.

Their edgy sound is the sound of controlled chaos, the limitless and the experimental – held together by a relentless and durable friendship. The synthesis of a colorful, female producer and an experimental drummer.

Behind the alias we find Andreas Pilgaard and Stine Drejer, who have been making music together ever since they met each other 11 years ago. Now they’ve landed themselves in a project, where the heart, the ambitions and the feelings get to flow freely and wildly. A project that seeks to break out of conformities and academic ideas of music - to turn up the noise and do something daring. Filled with glitchy internet-like sounds and sampled instruments, their music brings to mind electro-acoustic luminaries such as Thom Yorke, Bon Iver and When Saints Go Machine.

Reality Cravings, their debut EP, is an impending release which seeks towards a just world and enlightens the self-administered apocalypse of mankind. Tracks that tell the story of children born into a blitzed world of digitalization. Tracks that emphasize that we are not taking enough care of the most precious things we possess and tracks that play with the feeling of presence in the world, what it means and what it brings to the future, creating subtle images about the situation of the world that in many ways are frightening.

The rough reality is always the center of storytelling on Reality Cravings but is delivered in a subtle and secretive manner. This is something that recurs when the story of between mermaids and me is told. Imagine yourself having a best friend at the bottom of the sea – a mermaid – that never emerges and walks the earth of our world, but to whom we just once a year can tell our deepest secrets - things that you cannot say on land and that they cannot say under the water. Then you have a true confidant, one who would never expose your deepest and inner- most thoughts.

Opener HMS Beagle, a fast and glitchy death-disco piece, sets the pace for the EP. “An imagery on global warming, how everything escalates and is on the verge of breaking. With rising sea levels and surroundings in decay you solemnly mark the tragicomic occasion with a dance of solitude, while you fight for survival”.

Following on the singles Dreamwalker and somethingabouyousomethingaboutme is Plastic Teachers (Poets & Angels), that “describes the inevitable clash between older generations that allegedly insist on having the right answers and newer generations that intuitively look for new”.

Vapor.wav is a weird, apocalyptic interlude before Handle With Care, “a song about the ominous fact that no one takes responsibility for the social consequences the newest technology might initiate - and the fear of a near future where people mesmerized by it forget to appreciate real things as family and sunsets”, rounds off a brilliant debut release.

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