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Forging a fantastic fusion of modern electronic pop, Human Woman are the new signing on Hamburg’s hfn records. Originally hailing from Iceland, the band consists of Gisli Galdur Thorgeirsson of prolific Icelandic band Trabant, and producer Jon Atli Helgason aka Sexy Lazer. Now after the launch of their debut single, ‘Delusional‘, with its sensual, indie-dance roots and pleasing 80s/90s undertones, we see the pair expand their vision of modern electronic pop with a feel-good, rich and edgy album spanning 11 glorious tracks.

From the opening song ‘Einn Eftir‘, Human Woman make clear that their entertaining sound palette will consist of cleverly treated vocals, guitars and bass, synths, electronic drums and plenty of atmosphere!

The complex compressed beats of ‘Delusional‘ drop early on, and it’s a real grower, carrying a superb modern sheen, yet gracefully nodding to 90s indie pop and 80s electronica, we go on to find treats like the driving ‘White Knight‘, with its catchy refrains and sparse bassine-led groove, or the curiously titled ‘DDDI‘, which takes the listener further into bubbling, reduced electronics, sprinkled with melodic beauty and a pumping, raw swagger.

It’s clear that the duo‘s influences spread far and wide, but to fit them in with new acts like Kasper Bjørke and Trentemøller, or indeed classic names like Depeche Mode or even Unkle wouldn‘t be too wide off the mark. We are talking experienced musicians, with catchy, timeless lyrics and melodies, wrapped up into a top-class, radio friendly production.

The rough edges of ‘Great Woman‘ contrast nicely with the smoother housey vibes of ‘Love Games‘, which could be a strong contender for the club DJs out there, dropping into a spine tingling dub-timed middle before its sing-along finale.

As the album closes, and the full extent of Human Woman‘s talents and promise becomes apparent, we find more experimental moments like ‘Lazer & Magic‘, with its spaced out effects and retrospective, ambient house vibe, or the sci-fi futurism of ‘Sleepy‘, part dreamy synth pop, part epic shoegaze anthem. It’s really quite a shame that this end-opus actually comes to a halt, and will surely leave you grasping for more.

Human Woman is positive modern pop for the electronic-aware, inspiring listening for traveling, for friends, for lovers, for living!

Selected press quotes:
Human Woman released their self-titled album today on hfn records and the results are nothing short of downright sexy. (MTV Iggy)
Good selection of tunes. Nice album, like the flow of it. All the tracks work, no fillas on this record. (DJ Mag)
Sleek electronic pop with a hint of '80s and '90s nostalgia. (Resident Advisor)
Human Woman display a knack for supple beats as well as a way with infectious, pop-savvy songcraft. (Société Perrier)
A fantastic fusion of modern electronic pop. (Altsounds)
It’s like the summer of love is with us. Simply lovely! (Gscene)
While very much a dance music LP, the music draws heavily on indie, rock and pop influences, utilising effected guitars, bass guitars and vocals and conjuring 90s brit pop and 80s electronica. (Data Transmission)

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