Kurt Uenala / Dave Gahan G.O.D.

Kurt Uenala feat. Dave Gahan - G.O.D.

Kurt Uenala has his fingerprints on more things than you may realize. While his name may be new to you, it’s possible you’ve come across collaborations he’s done under the moniker Null + Void, including Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Moby, John Grant, The Kills, Woodkid and most notably, Dave Gahan and Depeche Mode.

Having worked in Gahan’s NYC studio for years, and traveling with Depeche Mode, Uenala became aware of one of Dave’s rituals. Sometimes a notebook and pen would come out.
Something would get jotted down.

But what? That remained a mystery.

Luckily Dave Gahan ended up recording some of his poems and sent them to Kurt Uenala. “G.O.D.” is an outtake from the full release “Manuscript” which will include 5 songs and will be released December 16th.

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Kurt Uenala / Dave Gahan Manuscript



Kurt Uenala / Dave Gahan G.O.D.