Lydmor & Bon Homme / Dream Of Fire

Dream Of Fire Lydmor & Bon Homme

Bored of the drudgery of the 9-to-5? Sick of the same routine day after day? Tired of sitting like a lemming in city traffic? Then it's time to escape in the company of Lydmor & Bon Homme and run through the dark, dance on the high wire, dream of fire.

This is an anthemic, expansive slice of motorik disco that brings together two complementary voices - the husky drawl of Tomas Høffding, singer-bassist of experimental Danish pop trio WhoMadeWho, and rising singer-songwriter Lydmor (literally 'Soundmother') whose vocals run the gamut from seductive siren to strident rap. Instantly catchy and relentlessly buoyant, it's a tune that whirls you far away from mundanity, lifting you up on its lush, layered pads and glimmering keys.

With a radio edit and instrumental version included in this package - the latter bringing the delicious moroderesque synth rhythms to the fore - it's a must-have introduction to one of this year's breakout acts and a tantalising teaser of what lies in store on the debut LP, 'Seven Dreams of Fire'.

Press feedback:

We're infatuated! (The Ransom Note)

Highly addictive! (Colorising)

Lydmor & Bon Homme have been really good at the NDR Blue Backstage. They have been sensational (NDR)

The debut album from Jenny Rossander and Tomas Hoffding, better known as Lydmor & Bon Homme, isn’t the kind of thing that hits you over the head. Instead, it quietly creeps up on you with its mix of synth-pop structures, house beats, and disco influences. The tunes are subtle, sensual, and moody, creating a dark but danceable feel that’s as effective for kicking back and focusing on the sonic details as it is for getting a groove on.

(Big Shot „must buy albums in November“)

Laid back house beats and disco vibes lay the groundwork for this modestly mesmerizing debut single from Lydmor & Bon Homme. Although their respective get-ups leave you half-expecting to see Bon Homme wow the audience by sawing Lydmor in half at the end of the song, this track is a proper contender for the title of fall hit of the year.  As for the sound, rising star singer/songwriter Jenny Rossander a.k.a. Lydmor is unhinged and airy with her vocals, while Bon Homme stays gruff and super duper focused on his dance moves. The synths are dark and heavy, but to an upbeat rythym, making this a perfect storm of opposites. While this is far from the first collaboration that has seen these two juggernauts juxtaposed ("Daybreaker", "The Optimist"), it is the first single off of their joint album set to drop in late 2015. Stay tuned for more great stuff until then. (Noisey)


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