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Blaue Blume - Country

Three years have passed since Blaue Blume - now a trio consisting of Jonas Smith, Søren Buhl Lassen and Buster Jensen - released the album ‘Bell of Wool’. The intervening period has been occupied with activities for each of the three members. Buhl Lassen has been busy as a producer on albums for e.g. Guldimund, Brimheim and Selina Gin; Jensen as a guitarist for Guldimund and Brimheim; and Smith as an actor and starring as the main part in Martin Skovbjerg’s upcoming film ‘København findes ikke’.

Now they are once again united in mutual musical colours and the new single ‘Country’ offers a calm and dreamy simplicity that centers on the strength of the melody rather than cultivating the grandiose facets many listeners have previously associated the group with.

At the beginning of their career Blaue Blume put a lot of effort in wanting to express and represent all emotions and strived for absolute perfectionism in the music. Today we witness an orchestra that rests in a tranquility and a clarity that you get to know on ‘Country’.

There is a beautiful harmony between the musically rustic soundscape and the lyrical projection of a humble existence with everything moving at a slow pace:
“Fell in love in a garden/Got the house at a bargain
Change the weather/Stay forever”

At the same time, the song is also unmistakably Blaue Blume as we know and love them.
Few bands in Denmark have created such a defined and original identity and this fact still remains.

Not only with Jonas Smith’s voice being such a focal point, but also in the music, arrangement and performance you clearly sense an ensemble that knows and understands each other completely.

Jonas Smith explains:
»On previous releases, it was interesting to emerge ourselves in every conceivable fable and mystique that the music could contain. And in this way truly make a statement and an impact. Now we are just as interested in basically just communicating a great song, and as a singer I dare to lean on to that. Hopefully everyone can relate to the idea of wanting to pull the plug, after a night out on the town, for instance. Having an urge to leave and finding it hard to relax in an apartment on the 3rd floor. In that way, our new song certainly flirts with the romantic idea of a life on the countryside, but beneath the surface, ‘Country’ is about finding that space within yourself first and foremost. That “country” is where you are as a person right now. And that you allow yourself to be in that place and dwell on that state of mind.«


Live dates:
Reeperbahn Festival 2022, Hamburg, Germany
Thursday, 22.09.
16h00 @ Fritz-Kola Stage / Festival Village
23h10 @ Imperial Theater


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