ticktock / a collection of songs

ticktock - A Collection of Songs

ticktock exist in the space between pop and the weirder reaches of the sonic universe. Currently based in Copenhagen, the band revolve around three musicians - Sebastian Zieler, Jacob Koefoed, and Jens Skovgaard. Their version of outsider pop takes in diverse influences - from Blade Runner to Timbaland. The result is a universe of ideas and sounds put together with extreme attention to detail. This 6 track EP / mini album gathers together some of their previous works as well as giving us a delicious new take on one of their bigger singles. 

‘Pastel Clouds’ gets the remix treatment from the Polish man of the moment - MANOID teases out the track’s latent deep, techny feel - and transforms it into a subtle burner. The original is also included here - a slow, trippy and twisted pop gem, built around treated vocals and switched up electronics. 

‘A- A- A-' also makes a splash - a lazy drum groove and wandering bass synth sound intertwine to prepare the ground for the sweet, melancholic vocals. 

‘Stripped Of Reuptake Inhibitions’ is full of memorable hooks, from the bass riff to the sweet back and forth vocals and tight-yet-loose drums. 

‘optinoptoutoptnot’ is another slow burner - elegant electronics populate an emotional slice of alternative pop. 

‘Carnivala’ steps lightly towards a psychedelic folk vibe made with bright, lively synths - making up a perfect guide to ticktock’s alluring world. 


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ticktock a collection of songs