Nothing Gold Can Stay Remixes (Part B) by Kasper Bjørke


Nothing Gold Can Stay Remixes (Part B) by Kasper Bjørke out now!

Since the Nicolas Jaar remix of Kasper's cover version of Heaven back in 2009, Kasper Bjørke has always curated his remixes with a strong sense of who is the right producer to contribute to his original but also adds a different flavor. Now it's time for Nothing Gold Can Stay Remixes Part B, once again with a carefully selected and diverse list of amazing contemporary electronic artists. Including reworks by Panthera Krause, Kasper Marott, Cooper Saver, Perel and Bawrut.

Kasper says: “I reached out to artists that are either friends of mine already or artists that are in my current network through these past many years of touring - I admire them all and their musical skills and I am grateful for each of their contributions to this double remix EP, which I am both very proud of - and that I think interprets all the original tracks on my double EP Nothing Gold Can Stay” in their own unique way. I really think that through remixes you get a chance to rediscover your own music and enjoy it again in a different way - especially as a DJ, which these new versions are obviously meant for”.

Venetian Blinds - Panthera Krause Remix

“I have been playing Panthera Krause's music in my DJ sets for a long time and love his playful spirit and anthem melodies in his production work. Venetian Blinds in my original version is a slow burning rave track but I knew Panthera Krause could bring a party atmosphere into his mix and he has transformed it into a genuine piece of pure peaktime joy with a sharp arpeggio baseline and fun 80s stabs which reminds me of Pump of The Volume!” Premiered by Torture The Artist.

Venetian Blinds - Kasper Marott Remix

“My next door neighbor and friend Kasper Marott (known from his own label Axces and releases on Courtesy’s label Kulør) and I often wave at each other through our kitchen windows and talk about music stuff when we meet in the staircase. I have secretly waited for the right track to come along to ask him to do a remix. When I send him Venetian Blinds I had a feeling he would say yes because it has a slow rave quality to it that I felt he would like... And he transformed it into an uptempo track with his distinct percussive programmings and tropical atmosphere, which Im sure will go down well among the DJs who like the faster paced techno these days. It's so refreshing to hear a totally new interpretation where Marott still kept some of the original synths in the mix”

Dreamers - Perel Remix

“Perels debut album on DFA is a contemporary classic in my eyes and after having played some gigs with her these past couple of years, I finally found the nerve to ask her if she would do a remix for me. Perel has delivered a very eclectic and no compromise version of Dreamers with a hypnotic trance vibe - and I absolutely love it! It is one of those tunes that if you drop it at the right time, it all makes sense. For me its a perfect closing track for a late night or early morning set”. Premiered by The Ransom Note.

Dreamers - Cooper Saver Remix

“Cooper Saver is a rising artist based in LA who is releasing his music on Permanent Vacation, Hivern Discs etc, recently played with me in Copenhagen at my residency at Jolene. I have been excited about Coopers releases for a long time and always end up playing at least one of his tracks in my sets. So I asked him if he would do a remix of Dreamers and he said yes. He turned it into a slow- mo cosmic trip that will be a perfect midnight opener!”

Oceans of Time - Bawrut Remix

“Bawrut lives in Madrid and is one of the most exciting producers out there at the moment. We often communicate online about the climate crisis and how to be a touring DJ in that context - and I really enjoy our conversations as he has a lot of perspective on the situation and what we can do to be kinder to our planet. As an artist Bawrut has made some crazy dancefloor tracks these past few years, that has really brought him into the spotlight, with his own unique rave sound being released on labels like Life and Death, Correspondant and Ransom Note. I asked him to do a remix of Oceans of Time because I thought he could take the track to a new place and he definitely did with his monster bass synths and let-loose arrangement!”


out now on hfn music.