Blaue Blume by Neal McQueen


New Blaue Blume live dates!

We're happy to announce live dates for our favourite Danish artpop band Blaue Blume! As Denmark is slowly opening up again after lockdown, the band is happy to put concerts on their agenda again. 

"We're playing this fall and we're looking forward to say the least. Before Corona banned contact, social interaction of any kind and well-being in its basic essence, we just managed to hold our concerts at Hotel Cecil. On the same evening Denmark shut down we played our last song in Hamburg. We're grateful we made it - for sure, where were we ready to be on stage again after two years break. Like so many other musicians in the world right now, we were looking forward to a summer of festivals, some kind of pay and not least you. It did not turn out like this for good reasons. That's why we hope that you, like us, will instead have the courage to see you in November, on one or more of the dates below, around the country. On the other hand, we will make sure to play better than ever and deliver a show bigger than anything you've seen with us. Handshake on it. Something is happening in the world and within us right now. We will meet in and around the music and stand together in the community, diversity, equal worth, freedom and the right to think freely and be who we are, each and every one, together. Best wishes, Blaue Blume"

Blaue Blume Denmark Tour 

13.11.2020 Musikkens Hus, Aalborg
14.11.2020 Godset, Kolding
18.11.2020 Posten, Odense
21.11.2020 VoxHall, Aarhus
25.11.2020 VEGA, Copenhagen


Tickets here:

photo: Neal McQueen