photos by Rod Clemen / Esben Aarup

Blaue Blume at Hotel Cecil in Copenhagen - their first show since a long time.

"Blaue Blume's music is playful, and tonight it is difficult to distinguish between the crazy and the brilliant. The band, which consists of four high school friends Jonas Schmidt, Søren Buhl Lassen, Robert Jensen Buhl and Buster Jensen, has managed to create a universe that draws strands to genres like indie, dream pop, post and alternative rock in its own unique way with the peculiar and sublime voice of the lead singer. (...) Whether the inner demons have been controlled, I should not be able to say. From the outside, however, the music has once again been tamed by Blaue Blume. The infant flame has turned into a fiery bonfire of strength. The band kept what they promised. And the hopes of the audience were fulfilled." (GAFFA DK about Blaue Blume's show)