Kasper Bjørke & Sexy Lazer aka The Mansisters - shot by Neal Mc Queen

Sisters & Brothers

Sisters & Brothers is a series of releases under hfn music, curated by Kasper Bjørke and Sexy Lazer. Sitting in one of their weekly steambath sessions, the two friends, DJs and studio collaborators came to the conclusion that instead of starting a label themselves, they should team up with an established imprint and focus on what they really like - making tracks and discovering great new music from their friends (hence Sisters & Brothers).

The series kicked off with a release by the two curators under the moniker The Mansisters, who took us on a journey from Late Night Space Techno to Synth'n'Bongo House. Next up is russian.girls, the brainchild of Fufanu's Guðlaugur Halldór Einarsson, who set another mark of the series with an off-kilter and wonky sound.
Curator Sexy Lazer teamed up with his friend Oculus for a release with low slung grooves, sleazy vibes and lots of fun - sticking to the signiture sound of the series.

Their latest releases include "First Gathering" followed by "Second Gathering", compilations with a delightful and undeniable unique line up of artists, sharing a healthy disregard for unconvention: Love Business, Leif Müller, Whatever/Whatever, Bryan Kessler and Kraftgalli.

Brandnew "Third Gathering" combines 6 tracks made in England, Germany, Italy and Iceland - carefully curated by Sexy Lazer and Kasper Bjørke. Including hfn regulars as Modular Project, Sexy Lazer and Andi, as well as new members of the club Technobeton/Friedtower, Matt Karmil and Bypass.

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