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Lydmor & BonHomme is the unification of two very different personas and well-established artists from the Nordic music scene. On one hand there is the eccentric Bon Homme, who is mostly known as singer/bassist in legendary, Danish disco-kings WhoMadeWho, but also as a esteemed remix artist, who previously worked with acts such as Digitalism (GER), Hot Chip (UK), 2 Many DJ’s (BE), etc. On the other there is the young singer and producer Lydmor, who has toured throughout most of the world both as a solo act and in collaboration with established acts such as Arsenal (BE), Alle Farben (GER) and so on.

Already a little while ago, Lydmor & BonHomme have joined forces in a new project combining the very best of their respective qualities - a lethal concoction of pounding beats, captivating synths and hook-ridden melodies. The result: the successful album 'Seven Dreams Of Fire' that got released in November 2015.

The two are also known for their outrageously intense live-sets, which have already brought them to many places throughout Europe. We released a beautifully arranged accoustic-only EP of a few songs from the album that simply shows Lydmor & Bon Homme's magic at its best.

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