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Human Woman

Delusional - The Iceland Mixes

After Human Woman‘s more than impressive debut for hfn music with their ‚Delusional‘ EP, we are excited to announce this special remix package with re-workings from Iceland‘s leading electronic talents, the mighty Gus Gus and Human Woman‘s own Galdur.

Gus Gus really need no introduction with their history in the electronic music scene and countless hits under their belt. Their main remix takes us into floating, warm and lush synth driven zones, enveloping the stand-out vocal from Human Woman, Gus Gus wrap us in a blanket of incredible sound, before allowing us the pleasure of also including an Instrumental Mix, and a ‚No Beat Mix‘- perfect for the wintery nights but also for next year‘s impending festival season!

Human Woman‘s Galdur then hands in his smooth electronic version that reduces the song into a cinematic slice of down-tempo techno. The mix fits so well with the original yet shifts it into more cosmic, late night territtories, as it unfurls over 8 glorious minutes.


DJ feedback:

Laurent Garnier (F Com): "Gus Gus mix is AWSOME - full support!"

Funk D‘Void (Soma): "Lovely stuff!"

Phonique (Dessous): "Gus Gus instrumental is some nice trance!

Josh Tonnissen (Big Shot): "Huge sounds wtih this moody apocolyptic EP. Love the crazy effect work throughout! "

Harry Avers (Noice!): "The Gus Gus remix is super cool .. perfect rooftop music on a Sunday after party…"










Track List:

digital only: Human Woman: Delusional
Gus Gus Mix
digital only: Human Woman: Delusional
Gus Gus Instrumental Mix
digital only: Human Woman: Delusional
Galdur Remix
digital only: Human Woman: Delusional
Gus Gus No Beat Mix