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Black Light Smoke & Lightbluemover

Lightbluemover feat. Black Light Smoke : Girn & Ddisco

hfn music launches a new subsidiary: hafendisko.

„hafendisko is maybe best described as an outlet for some of the groovier finds. But the label is also a longtime wish from me to have my own platform again and to release music I love and which I want to be played in my imaginary perfect hafendisko night“, A&R Tobias Lampe explains.

Lightbluemover is the somewhat mysterious new project by a well known producer gifted with the chance to kick start this new project „exploring kraut, no wave, and disco influences“, he says.

And what a start it is! ‚Girn‘, featuring the equally mysterious Black Light Smoke, is an extended, wild pitch journey into the smoky, synth-voiced slow house. Beautifully mad, pitching synths and a husky vocal all add up as lazy beats lift this stoner-anthem into new levels.

The sci-pop meets psychobilly fusion infuenced ‚Ddisco‘ is a further surprise and really gives us a view into Lightbluemover extravert world. Meandering synths and spooky passages drift and saunter through a bouncing, tense field of analog love.

Imagine hafendisko !


DJ Feedback:

KiNK (Liebe*Detail): "A very special record! i was really looking forward to get it since i heard a vinyl promo in Hamburg two weeks ago lovely!"

Seth Troxler (Spectral): "Great totally love it!"

Clé (Poker Flat): "Hey!!! here´s some dancing fuel for my dark disco soul!!! love GIRN original!!! and like the rest very mucho!"

Felix (Hot Chip): "Very cool unusual analogue sounds and good loose grooves, nice record, thanks."

Craig Richards (Fabric): "This sounds great. Trippy disco."

Black Van (Permanent Vacation): "Different stuff, i like it!"



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Track List:

A | Lightbluemover feat. Black Light Smoke: Girn
2011 | Produced by Francis Harris | Vocals by Jordan Lieb
B | Lightbluemover: Ddisco
2011 | Produced by Francis Harris
Digital only: Lightbluemover feat. Black Light Smoke: Girn (Black Light Smoke Remix)
2011 | Produced by Francis Harris | Vocals by Jordan Lieb | Remixed by Black Light Smoke