Video for Darkness Falls 'Hazy'!

Right in time for the single release of `Hazy´, Darkness Falls are now dropping a brand new stunning video, directed by the creative duo Kamilla Bruus and Sara Nina Laub. The video tells a story of it´s own but captures the mysterious and dusty atmosphere of the song. The father of Josephine Philip - vocalist and keyboard player of the band - is playing the main character in the short film. As the band has just revealed in an interview with The Wild Magazine:

We wanted to do something where Josephine´s dad was dancing. The original concept was that we wanted him to do a little battle inspired by the fights in "Fight Club" and "Rust and Bone", but instead of fights it should be a dance battle. We were also really fascinated by line dancing. As the idea evolved the turn out was a little different. We follow the character played by Josephine´s dad arriving at a location with the two of us as his chaperones, and you can feel that something is about to happen. It was important for us to keep a mysterious vibe in the video but at the same time keep the vibe real.

Watch the video on YouTube