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Kasper Bjørke :: Bohemian Soul (with Laid Back)

Watch Kasper Bjørke - Bohemian Soul (with Laid Back) - on Youtube

Kasper Bjørke :: Deep Is The Breath

Watch Kasper Bjørke - Deep Is The Breath - on Youtube

Kasper Bjørke :: Lose Yourself to Jenny

Watch Kasper Bjørke - Lose Yourself to Jenny - on Youtube


Kasper Bjørke :: Album Cover Artwork

CD-Tracklisting :

  • A - Hungry Side
  • 01. Hummingbirds (with Jacob Bellens)
  • 02. Lose Yourself to Jenny (with Jacob Bellens)
  • 03. Deep is the Breath (with Jacob Bellens and Emma Acs)
  • 04. Sunrise (with Jacob Bellens)
  • B - Foolish Side
  • 05. Overture
  • 06. D.O.A.H.
  • 07. All I hear is Drums
  • 08. Bohemian Soul (with Laid Back)
  • 09. Ubiquitous
  • 10. US Escape

hfn14cd :: Kasper Bjørke :: Fool

Fool, the “tongue in cheek” self-ironic entitled third album, is another tour de force in Kasper Bjørke’s signature production style – this time wrapped up as a concept album to be released on Fool’s day April 1, 2012.

The versatile Copenhagen producer and DJ follows up on his successful sophomore solo album from 2010 “Standing on top of Utopia” that reached high acclaim from the international press and indie blogosphere:

“Kasper Bjørkes music is heartfelt, soulful and will make you dance”
(Nylon Mag.)

“Each track is a bang on the Krona”
(Dazed & Confused)

“Kasper Bjørke could become one of the year’s biggest indie-dance crossover success stories. Keep an eye on him”

“Wherever that Utopia is, just hope Bjørke hangs out there a while longer — it seems to suit him...”
(Time Out NYC)

Like a vinyl record, the track list has been split into two sides: The pop infused vocal-based bittersweet love songs of the “Hungry side” is halfway through taken over by an Overture that leads into the darker and mainly instrumental “Foolish side”, containing spaced out psychedelic trips and no-wave disco voyages.

Both moods however, fluently melt together as one coherent piece - playful, yet clever - and definitely Kasper’s most ambitious album to date. Bjørke continues his close collaboration with Jacob Bellens (frontman in successful Danish indiebands Murder and I Got You On Tape) who is featured on 4 songs on the album (five on the digital version), including the first single „Lose Yourself to Jenny“ which is bound to roam the airwaves with its super catchy melody line. Jacob is accompanied by new Danish talent Emma Acs on the second single, the duet „Deep is the breath“. Kasper also collaborates with one of his all time favorite bands; Laid Back (“Baker Man”, “White Horse” etc.), on the acid bass driven “Bohemian Soul”, which was brought into the world during a jam session in Laid Back’s studio on a blurry and rainy summer day in Copenhagen.

As always the album artwork is very important to Kasper and so he asked Trevor Jackson (producer, DJ and visual artist based in London) to make the visual concept for Fool. Trevor has previously created award winning artwork campaigns for Soulwax, The Rapture, Mattias Aguayo, Chromeo and many more.

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Kasper Bjørke Bohemian Soul
			(with Laid Back)

hfn21 :: Kasper Bjørke :: Bohemian Soul (with Laid Back)

The Copenhagen based producer and DJ, is back with an exceptional remix package on hfn music.

Having dropped the stunning Fool album earlier this year, we are now treated to several stellar remixes of one of the standout tracks, the third official single ‘Bohemian Soul’. Kasper had a memorable experience in the Laid Back studio, enlisting both vocal, guitar, 808 and some crazy SH-101 psychedelic acid synth bass jams, of the pioneering 80’s outfit responsible for crossover classics ‘Bakerman’ and ‘White Horse’ – Bjørke brings things bang up to date with a sparkling, ferociously epic dancefloor burner.

Bjørke´s standing on the international electronic music scene is once again evidenced by the quality of the remixes he can call on. The vinyl release features New York’s disco turned rave royalty Still Going (Dr. Dunks from Rub N Tug and Liv Spencer from House of House), delivering a signature 10-minute trip into psychedelic discoid goodness that holds the tension and key elements from the original version – underpinned by a relentless krautrock-meets-Donna Summer groove. On several occasions the track threatens to spin out of control, but somehow maintains its delirious tension for the duration.

On the flip, Hamburg’s Adana Twins, the duo that has gained tremendous success recently on Exploited Records, supply their ‘On A Cloudy Day’ remix, making perfect use of the iconic vocals to produce a thoughtful and deeply grooving house cut. The track’s neurotic synth makes an appearance half way through before the sunshine peaks through the clouds with a classic white-island breakdown.

Tambien‘s remix also get a vinyl release, and adventurous DJs will appreciate this slice of late night knowledge – the additional percussion bounces around the rolling bassline, balearic guitar and unsettling synth stabs. Tambien is the new exciting project of Marvin & Valentino who team up with Jazz guitarist and producer Beni Brachtel aka Bartellow.

As an exclusive remix goodie for Itunes, the swedish krautdiscopsycherock band This Is Head, delivers a cool and live-twisted version, sure to please the indielovers out there.

A music video directed and shot by Karim Huu Do (who also was director on videos such as Kasper´s 1st hit single “Young Again” from the last album and the latest Bombay Bicycle Club “Lights Out, Words Gone”) will be out around the official releasedate accompanied by a 5 minute “shot edit” of the original 10 minute trip. The video is shot on location in Thailand. We can say no more at this point but promise a unique and beautiful video.

Tracklisting :

  • A: Bohemian Soul (with Laid Back)
    (Still Going Remix)
  • B1: Bohemian Soul (with Laid Back)
    (Adana Twins ‘On A Cloudy Day’ Remix)
  • B2: Bohemian Soul (with Laid Back)
    (Tambien Remix)
Kasper Bjørke :: Lose Yourself to Jenny Artwork

hfn18 :: Kasper Bjørke :: Deep is the Breath

(with Jacob Bellens & Emma Acs)

Copenhagen‘s infamous producer, songwriter & DJ wizz-kid just released his new album, entitled ‘Fool‘.

In 2010 - while having already gained notoriety as a DJ and Producer - his album debut ‘Standing On Top Of Utopia‘, confirmed his presence on an even grander level. Radio friendly, intelligent and feel-good electronic pop never sounded so fresh.

Now with ‘Fool‘ Kasper continues his wild and ecstatic journey into the future of music. The second single to feature from the new long-player is the casually cool ‘Deep Is The Breath‘. Now a permanent fi xture in Kasper‘s more song-based endeavours, Murder and I Got You On Tape vocalist Jacob Bellens features alongside up-coming talent Emma Acs in the tantalising original. A typical mixture of throbbing electronic pop and heartfelt songwriting, this fi rst taste of ‘Fool‘ is sure to alight your curiosities and even more.

This release presents a veritable mixture of remixes, firstly kicking out the jams with the Permanent Vacation Mix - a full-bodied, skillfully executed re-dub in glorious retro-futurism. Echoing and spinning slowly out of control, its a subtle and infectious remix that draws the best out of the original while constructing an allnew, deeply electronic vibe. A throbbing analog bassline leads this broken beat excursion which is already proving to be quite a monster on the dancefloors. A crafty instrumental remix of Permanent Vacation‘s stunning mix is also included, offering a more refl ective, cinematic experience.

Wolf + Lamb‘s Pillow Talk take centre stage next with their remix, featuring Tone of Arc. Lively, organic and expertly produced, their mix has a live-jam feel complete with classic dub-style vocal cuts and trippy synth lines swirling around the bassy, slightly brokenbeated groove. A melodic chorus greets us mid-way before more throw-down inducing deepness.

Finnish Duo Hannulelauri hand in a special remix package in itself that is spread over 4 versions. Their ‘Male‘ mix comes in the form of an old-school vibed, analog club killer. Primed for the higher energy levels but built for deeper, discerning dancefloors, this medium-paced house cut has a few special tricks up its sleeve. The pair also provide 3 other variations of their mix, including their ‘House‘ mix, which focuses more on Emma Acs‘ smooth vocal lines, a ‘Dub‘ version without vocals which rides their wellcrafted drums to the front of the mix, and their inspired ‚Trance‘ mix that takes things in a more euphoric, electro-centric direction. Radio friendly electronica with serious undertones to keep those-who-know happy!

Swedish producer Martin Brodin turns in two outstanding mixes, in both vocal and instrumental versions, taking us on a soaring, white-isle inspired cruise into summer, outdoor vibes. Shaking and bumping with positive disco-energy, it adds yet another hip pleasing angle to the release.

Tracklisting :

  • 1: Deep Is The Breath (with Jacob Bellens & Emma Acs)
  • 2: Deep Is The Breath (with Jacob Bellens & Emma Acs)
    (PillowTalk Remix Feat. Tone of Arc)
  • 3: Deep Is The Breath (with Jacob Bellens & Emma Acs)
    (Permanent Vacation Breathless Mix)
  • 4: Deep Is The Breath (with Jacob Bellens & Emma Acs)
    (Hannulelauri Male Mix)
  • 5: Deep Is The Breath (with Jacob Bellens & Emma Acs) **
    (Hannulelauri Trance Mix)
  • 6: Deep Is The Breath (with Jacob Bellens & Emma Acs) **
    (Hannulelauri Dub Mix)
  • 7: Deep Is The Breath (with Jacob Bellens & Emma Acs) **
    (Permanent Vacation Breathless Instrumental)

  • ** available on selected digital shops

Kasper Bjørke :: Lose Yourself to Jenny Artwork

hfn12 :: Kasper Bjørke :: Lose Yourself to Jenny

(with Jacob Bellens)

Copenhagen‘s favourite wonderchild Kasper Bjørke is back with his second artist album on hfn music, entitled ‚Fool‘.

Set for release on April Fools Day 2012 (April 1st), the album is a playful mixture of abundant, pop-infused bittersweet love songs on the ‚Hunger‘ side, and more spaced-out pschedelic disco voyages on the ‚Foolish‘ side.

Amongst the plethora of quality on offer on the LP, we find ‚Lose Yourself To Jenny‘, one of a handful of songs yet again featuring the wonderful talents of Jacob Bellens, of Murder and I Got You On Tape fame.

The original version is bound to roam the airwaves with its super catch melody line, and Bellens‘ mature and intruiging lyrics. 80s newbeat and nu-wave meets modern studio charms in this catchy synth-pop ballad for 2012.

This single hosts a variety of outstanding remixes, from the likes of Axel Boman, Rebolledo, Till Von Sein and Maxxi Soundsystem.

Boman‘s dub takes us into trippy, party time territory as he steps up the funk and creates a bizarre and masterfully original re-working.

Maxxi Soundsystem hands in a tight and crisp tech-house version that dubs out the vocal and takes us into pitching, freaky late night wonder. That‘s followed up by Rebolledo‘s echoing drum-led mix that sounds like it could have been dropped at the Paradise Garage with its live feel and raw aesthetic.

Finally Berlin‘s Till Von Sein really out-does himself with his rather special ‚4.5 Minutes In Essex ‘92 Jam‘. Its a wickedly spacey breakbeat version that any aging British raver will admit sound like you‘re back on the road searching for the warehouses...!

Tracklisting :

  • A1: Lose Yourself to Jenny (with Jacob Bellens)
    (Axel Boman Dub)
  • A2: Lose Yourself to Jenny (with Jacob Bellens)
    (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)
  • B1: Lose Yourself to Jenny (with Jacob Bellens)
    (Rebolledo Remix)
  • B2: Lose Yourself to Jenny (with Jacob Bellens)
    (Till Von Sein’s 4,5 Minutes In Essex 1992 Jam)


Danish producer, DJ, remixer and all around music impressario Kasper Bjørke has become one of the key figures of the Danish music scene.

Having released on record imprints such as Mirau, Compost Black Label, hfn music, Plant and V2, Kasper has positioned himself as one of the most renowned and versatile Danish contributors to the international electronic music scene.

Kasper’s third studioalbum „Fool“ will be released April 1st 2012 on hfn music, accompanied by a stellar remixpackage by Rebolledo (Comeme), Axel Boman (Pampa), Maxxi Soundsystem (Hot Waves) and Till VonSein (Suol) of the first single „Lose Yourself to Jenny“ - out on March 5th 2012.

As a remixer, Kasper has pretty much covered the whole spectrum: From London based App (WYS!) to fellow Danes WhoMadeWho (Kompakt) and Trentemøller - and international pop artists like Moby.

Recently abandoning his A&R chair at indie label Fake Diamond, where he discovered and developed acts like the international phenomenom Oh Land, Kasper now has his main focus on studio work and his business as a manager for Trentemøller and rising stars Reptile Youth. He is also now hosting a weekly radioshow on National Radio DR P6 Beat, called 4/4 - playing everything from Disco to New Wave, Italo, Post Punk, House and Techno tracks.

As a DJ, Kasper has countless gigs under his belt across the globe, but has decided to play less in the years to come - yet still travelling all over, from legendary clubs as Social Club in Paris, D Edge in Sao Paolo, fabric in London, Le Bain in New York, Bob Beaman in Munich and Electric Pickle in Miami and holding residencies at Iceland Airwaves festival and Montreux Jazz Festival for the past years.

Kaspers muscial background comes from the discohouse duo Filur (together with producer/DJ Tomas Barfod) that spawned a long line of international radio and chart hit singles.

Kasper has furthermore been awarded two Danish Music Awards (Danish Grammy) for Best Producer and Best Dance Release (as Filur) and the duo have won numerous Danish Dj Awards (DDJA) though the years.

Selected pressquotes:

“Kasper Bjørkes music is heartfelt, soulful and will make you dance”
Nylon Magazine.

“Each track is a bang on the Krona”
Dazed & Confused

“Kasper Bjørke could become one of the year’s biggest indie-dance crossover success stories. Keep an eye on him”

Kasper Bjørke
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