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The series „hamburg elektronisch“ already tributed two compilations under the slogan „von house zu house“ to this diversity. Its high quality level proceeds with the third issue of 29 (mainly exclusive) tracks from e.g. DJ Koze,Erobique, Christopher Rau, Isolée and Lawrence. Via a Double-CD, a digital album (separate tracks and mix) and a 12“ EP, „hamburg elektronisch 3“ presents the electronic sound of a city where more than a few ships are in motion.

Browsing through the tracklisting the gentle reader will notice not a few artists who gained a remarkable international reputation.

Find out more about electronic music from Hamburg, the scene’s protagonists, event tips, and more on „hamburg elektronisch“ here: facebook.com/hamburgelektronisch.

This page will be updated beyond the compilation release. hamburg elektronisch 3 is released on 25.03.2016 on Double-CD and digital. The vinyl is released prior to the CD in form of a 4-track-12" EP.


Remute: Summer Slump

Denis Karimani aka Remute was still a teenager when he released on legendary labels like Tresor, Traum Schallplatten, Ladomat or Bedrock. Which led to an early reputation for the young Belgrade-born producer as creator of unusual but floor-filling Tech House. Meanwhile he’s one of the most successful music-exports of Hamburg, his adopted home town. His remix talents are also high demand (f.e. for Boys Noize, Paul Kalkbrenner, GusGus, Pinks Jump Up), and on top of that he’s been the head of the Remute imprint since 2008.


Wareika: Teufelsbrück *

Wareika is one of the scene’s „Supergroup“, consisting of Florian Schirmacher, Henrik Raabe and Jakob Seidensticker, with Raabe and Seidensticker being long- term buddies since high-school. Both used to be part of The Havana Boys, the Mojo Club’s houseband. Out of sponatneous jam sessions with singer and pianist Schirmacher, they formed Wareika in 2007. Ever since the trio is working on their fu- sion of Techno and Jazz, which combines the guitar, drums, piano, percussions and bass with techniques of contemporary electronic music. You can hear the band's outstanding capabilities on yet four albums, many singles and remixes on labels like Tartelet, Perlon, Circus Company, Future Classics and Eskimo.


DJ Koze: XTC

Media accross the board such as Groove, Intro, Spex, Pitchfork or Resident Advisor adore DJ Koze (Stefan Kozalla). The enthusiasm regarding his output also applies to the releases on his label Pampa (see Christopher Rau, Isolée). You’ll hear his tracks on public-service broadcasting as well as on less public secret underground parties. He’s the DJ of minds, hearts and legs, of wisdom and of hoax. The mainstream music industry approached him by awarding an „Echo“ (the German pendant to the Grammy). His track „XTC“ landed in the top of various chart-lists.


Erobique: Teknomusi *

Carsten Meyer aka Erobique is a master of acquiring and re-interpreting stereotypes. His live-shows quote the behaviour of discarded solo entertainers, without mocking them – quite the contrary, he’s highly entertaining. In collaboration with Jaques Palminger he released the „Songs of Joy“, a parody of 70s groove hits, which might also be regarded as an hommage. Apart fom that he’s a music composer for theatre, audio books, film (e.g. Studio Braun's „Fraktus“) and TV-shows („Der Tatortreiniger“). Among Cosmic DJ and DJ Koze he used to be part of the trio International Pony.


Deo & Z-Man: Nehmet und Esset *

Due to their combination of DJing and Liveact, the siblings with Italian roots are much valued in clubs (Uebel & Gefährlich, Golden Pudel, Golden Gate or Ritter Butzke) as well as on festivals (e.g. Fusion). In their productions they combine Italo Disco, House and Hip Hop resulting in energetic tracks, which have been released on O_rs, Jeudi, Opossum, Acker, Combos Black and hafendisko. They had DJ Kaos and Babyman reworked their releases, and did themselves remixes for Kasper Bjørke or Lydmor & Bon Homme.


Suburb: Nowa Huta *

Producers Christoph Vogel and Levente Pavelka from Neumünster form Suburb and create smart house music that shares the same spirit as neighbour city Hamburg. With ease their ideas are forged into pumping tracks which stimulate and fascinate the dancefloor with brisky-twirling percussion parts and splendidly structured plots. Just as Christopher Rau they released on the label Thema, and their tracks have been remixed by Hamburg producers Smallpeople.


Les Loups: Fuhl’s Gold *

Les Loups was founded in 2010 by two musicians (Antonio Seoane Dominguez and Felix Littkemann) and a tech-nerd, producer Philipp Landmann. It started out with an adaptation of Disco and 70s / 80s Funk, and gradually developed into a raw, organic conjunction of electronic music and Pop. Following their singles „Colourblind“ (2014, with Cybill) and „Stay“ (with Marie Dahlstrøm), their first EP will be released in spring 2016.


RVDS: Catwalk *

RVDS is for Richard von der Schulenburg. The former keyboarder of Die Sterne, a Hamburger Schule rockband, is now owner of House-label It’s where his first EP was released in 2008. On this label he has also been dedicating releases to the themed emphasis of the moon with tracks like „ Moon Oddity“, „Lunar Eclipse“ or „Moon On Milky Way“. In collaboration with Lawrence and Christian Naujoks he has been producing under the pseudonym Sky Walking. To check out RVDS live in person, you’ll find him at the city’s smallest „superclub“ - Golden Pudel, either behind the bar or the decks.


Smallpeople: Cricket Orchestra

Julius Steinhoff and Just von Ahlefeld are co-founders of the Smallville label and owners of the correspondent record store in Hamburg. But they are producers as well and released their debut album „Salty Days“ in 2012 which made it to #5 at Groove Magazine and #8 at De:Bug in the category of „best album“. Their DJ sets merge different genres between Deep House and Detroit Techno and result in a warm and balanced entirety. Beyond that the duo is accountable for gatherings like the legendary Fleetstreet-Party.


Lance: Heartbeats *

Lance’s undiscerning approach towards electronic music might soon be the reason for more awareness of him as a producer. The tangency with Pop could be one rea- son - in evidence of „Heartbeats“ where Lance samples Hamburg band Hundreds.


Joney: Pop Corner *

The style of Joney is experimental and embraces almost all kinds of genres. Meaning Jazz inspired Drum & Bass, Garage, Glitch, Trap, Bass Music, House or Techno. As an artist he takes a stance against consumerism and market driven trends, with an enigmatic essence, he’s part of the scene around Golden Pudel, Eat The Beat and ill. His DJ sets are just as versatile as his fearless and impartial releases on for example Pudel Produkte, hafendisko, Audiolith or Staatsakt.


Tobias Schmid: Uwe *

In the early 90s Tobi Schmid started DJing within the club scene of Southern Germany. The contact with Kompakt’s Tobias Thomas led to Schmid’s first club night: „g-pisst“ with Florian Hecker (Edition Mego / Rephlex). In 2000 he moved to Hamburg. By then he had already played at clubs like ARS Electronic (Linz, Austria), Kunstverein München (Munich), Ultraschall, Tresor, Studio 672, Panoramabar, Water- gate, Le Pulp and Batofar – but that didn’t make him love his nights at Golden Pudel or Tanzhalle St. Pauli any less. In 2001 he founded Audision, in collaboration with Niko Tzoukmanis. They released various EPs on Playmade and &nd, and have been on remix duties for Lawrence (Dial) and Tensnake (Mirau).


La Boum Fatale: Tide *

Following on from his debut EP "Damwild" in 2012 Antonio de Spirit alias La Boum Fatale took the time to extensivley explore the space between euphoria and melan- cholia with experimental procedures. He's been testing music on the cutting edge to graphics, collaborated with producers like Glenn Astro or Sieren and crafted un- conventional remixes for Me And My Drummer, Hundreds or Sizarr. His debutalbum "Holygram" is scheduled for a release in 2016 on Sinnbus.


Tilman Tausendfreund: Twenty Nine Years

In the begininng Tilman Tausendfreund has been writing music as the singer of a Punk Rock band. In the late 90's he started DJing and had releases and remixes since then on labels like Smallville, Frank Music, Hypercolour, Dérive, Lofile, Conten- tismissing and Ki-Records. He loves and plays raw House.


Christopher Rau: RG En El Casa

Two albums on Smallville („Asper Clouds“ 2010, „Two“ 2012) and amongst others singles on DJ Koze's label Pampa made Christopher Rau an inherent part of the Hamburg music scene. His relocation to Berlin doesn't change much, since a long term connection to Hamburg is his co-ownership in the label Dérive Schallplatten.


Vincenzo: Such Great Heights

Vincenzo is a well reputed DJ and producer since the early days at the legendary Hambug club 'Front'. He has been a vital part and family member of the labels Des- sous and Poker Flat Recordings since the beginng and an undisputed connoisseur of all things Deep House. Four albums (most recently "The Vanishing Years" 2014), over 30 12"es and more than 100 remixes testify his mastership. In collaboration with Lisa Shaw and his brother Florian he recently releases the track „All AboutYou“.


Boris Dlugosch: Keep Pushin (Session Victim Mix)

Like Vincenzo, Boris Dlugosch also developped his DJ skills at the Front. He's been one of THE House music pioneers in Germany and rapidly gained international re- putation not only with his hit-remix for Moloko's 'Sing It Back'. Since then he's been remixing acts like Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx, Mariah Carey or Tiefschwarz. Boris unifies a deep knowledge about the history of House music with an alert mind.

Session Victim (Remixer)
In 2012 the huge success of their self-produced debut LP „The Haunted House of House“ (2012) hit them unprepared, yet not undeserved. Since then the "Two Men House Band", how Hauke Freer und Matthias Reiling call themselves, creates a unique, fascinating and soulful shade of House.


RSS Disco: Dove *

RSS Disco are one of the young guns of the Hamburg producer scene. "One’s company, two’s a crowd, and three’s a party! When these three pink-feathered crémantbirds nest in the DJ booth they’ll unreservedly mix through synthesizerdisco, acid-drenched house and vocal-overloaded pop-gems." Add some Slowhouse char- ged up with love and you get the typical RSS Disco sound that made them already quite some fans throughout Europe. The trio also runs their own label Mireia.


Isolée: Floripa

Isolée's "Floripa" was originally released on DJ Koze's label Pampa, which proves his excellent taste. At the latest since Isolée's (born Rajko Müller) genre defining album "Rest" the pioneer of Microhouse received raving appraisale from Pitchfork to Fact, from Spin to even Musikexpress. That doesn't come a surprise, as he took the best from the history of electronic music to give it an even fancier shape by melting Synthiepop, EBM, Drone, Noise, Ambient, House, HipHop and Techno in a way that makes him one of the most important producers from Hamburg.


Chris Gruber: BaSchu *

After taking a two years paternity break, Chris Gruber is now back with a new, ex- clusive track on „hamburg elektronisch 3“. Chris was the former A&R at Hamburg's Baalsaal label and released, together with his studiopartner Nils Nuernberg on labels like 8bit, Diynamic and Yippie, as well as remixes on Leftroom, Liebe*Detail, Hive Audio and Dessous Recordings.


Patlac: U3 *

It doesn't matter whether Patlac plays a DJ set, produces one of his own tracks or creates a remix - it's all driven by his fine sense for harmonies and melodies. Patlac is known for his almost empathetic intuition for the dance floor. He's been playing a lot together with his best mate Matthias Meyer and subsequently the two made their debut on the Hamburg imprint Liebe*Detail. More releases followed on Baalsaal and Soulfooled alongside an array of remixes.


Florian Kruse & Hendrik Burkhard: Move In Slow Motion

Florian Kruse is all about electronic music. He's a DJ, a producer, runs his own label (Save Room) and is teaching at Hamburg's SAE institute. Following on from his first vinyl releases in 2007 he founded the project Wiretappeur together with Stel Vasilou- dis and Nils Nuernberg and started releasing Deep House tracks as Kruse & Nuern- berg on Liebe*Detail, Noir Music and Rejected. In 2014 he released 'All About You" feat. Lisa Shaw together with his brother Vincenzo. Considering upcoming releases on Poker Flat ("Move In Slow Motion" is featured here on hamburg elektronisch 3), Joris Voorn's imprint Green, Get Physical and Noir Music as well as his collaboration with singer Hendrik Burkhard you'd better keep an eye on Florian in 2016.

Hendrik Burkhard
Guitarist Hendrik Burkhard started his career in the Punk band OneFineDay, but soon was to discover the beauty of different musical genres. Meanwhile he works with the Danish singer Anne Kalstrup (as Mi.li.an&The Rebel Phoenix) and the producer Florian Kruse.


Oliver Huntemann: Kiez *

As with many producers Oliver Huntemann's development went from Acid House via Rave to Techno. He released his first records on the influencial Trance label MFS and finally founded his own imprint Confused in 1995. After releases on Sven Väth's Co- coon and a collaboration with DJ Hell a new era started in 2008. He created a new label (Ideal Audio) and started a musical partnership with Dubfire. In 2008 the two released the EP "Dios" followed by the "Elements"-series which was finished off by "Agua" in 2014. In the same year Huntemann started his new label Senso Sounds, which released alongside his own productions ("Blitz & Donner", "Schwarzlicht & Filmriss") EPs by Hamburg based André Winter (D-Saw) and Hatzler. Throughout the years Oliver maintained his very own mix-album-series "Play! Live" with the latest installment live from Vienna.


Miyagi: Illusion

Ever since Miyagi’s first release on Katermukke, Einmusik or Soso, fans of hypnotic melodies and deep atmospheres will be looking forward to his next step. The founder of the labels Rennbahn and Lost Diaries, managed to make his debut album „Forever“ (Der Turnbeutel, 2014) reach #3 at Beatport’s Top 100 Deep House charts. His combination of Deep-House, Tech-House and Techno is in demand by clubs all over the world. In Hamburg he’s still in charge of Weird events.


Monte: Radical

Synthie-nerd Monte combines the glossy atmosphere of „Beverly Hills Cop“ and „Miami Vice“ with a subtle sense for solid, funky grooves. His professional drum skills surely are beneficial for that matter. Since 2008 he’s been drawn to the label parties of Jeudi at Hamburg’s Baalsaal. Resultant his track „True“ has been released in 2012 on the „Jeudi Friends EP“ and climbed to #1 of Beatport’s Deep House Charts.


Extrawelt: Splendid Nausea

Hamburg-natives Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe have been active as producer team and DJs since the early 90s with various projects (Spiralallianz or Midimiliz) and almost countless releases from Trance via Goa to House and Techno. Extrawelt being their project that has been appreciated by critics and readers of magazines like Groove and Raveline, and whose publicity reaches far beyond the German-speaking territories. Since 2005 the duo releases as Extrawelt on labels like James Holden's Border Community, Cocoon, Kompass and Traum Schallplatten.


Clark Davis: 22159 *

Due to a knee injury Benjamin Holtz aka Clark Davis, born 1978, was forced to cease his soccer career at FC St. Pauli’s youth team. Ever since he’s been focused on contributing complex DJ sets of Minimal, Detroit Techno, Italo Disco and Chill Out to Hamburg’s night-life scene. As producer he enhances Deep House with dub-ele- ments and thereby adds a subtle depth to his tracks.


Lawrence: Dawn 808

Peter M. Kersten aka Lawrence / Sten should already be valued only for founding the legendary label Dial in collaboration with DJ Carsten Jost. It started out in 1999 and the label’s influence on the scene of minimal, deep dance music is uncomparable, through releases by Pawel, Pantha Du Prince and Efdemin to name a few. But he was also involved in the development of Smallville – another institution in Hamburg. To most clubbers he might be recognized as DJ and producer though. His personal interpretation of Detroit influence has been successfully established since the debut album release in 2000 on Dial / Ladomat. He’s constantly developping this distintive style on various singles and further album releases on Dial /NoveMute and Mule Electronics.


André Winter, D-Saw: Track 10:30 (H.O.S.H. Remix)

André Winter has been shaping the clubscene of Detroit Techno and Chicago House for more than 25 years now. In case the name doesn’t ring a bell yet maybe one of his pseudonyms does. He produced hypnotic tracks and hand-picked sounds as D-Saw, Motion Unit, Gate 28 and Freakazoid, and did remixes for Underworld and The Chemical Brothers. His music has been released on labels like Confused, Kompakt, Superstition and Bush. In 2015 his single „Decreased & Amplified“ has been released under his own name on Senso Sounds – the new Hamburg-based label by Oliver Huntemann, André’s long-time buddy.

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