The compilation album "Hamburg Elektronisch Vol. 2 - von house zu house" aims to give a new inside view into a brooding and flourishing scene of creative minds and musical activists. As its predecessor once again released via hfn music's sister label hafendisko, this special selection puts the northern metropolis on the map for being a capital in its own right, introducing its creative spirits to a wider audience.


RVDS: Lunar Eclipse

Starting off with an exclusive track, the Golden Pudel-associated RVDS, also head of his very own It's-label, is transferring the beauty of a „Lunar Eclipse“ into music. Very spaced out and cosmic, it can be described as true art, an audio painting of synaesthetic quality and result of his long running and widespread musical activities. In former years Richard Graf von der Schulenburg e.g. released two albums on L'Age D'Or, using the names Richard and Richard Von Der Schulenburg and has been playing his part in bands like Soup De Nüll or the famous Indie-outfit Die Sterne. Those looking forward to meet RVDS in person are well likely to find him either behind the decks or the bar of Hamburgs tiniest superclub, which is, of course, the Golden Pudel Club.


RSS Disco & Sugarwater: Lovebird

The relatively fresh faces of RSS Disco & Sugarwater are contributing the title track of their production debut on the Mireia label to this compilation, a sweet, melodic SlowHouse / (Neo)Cosmic fusion of more than 9 minutes about to take you on a journey for sure. This trio is about to make waves in the future.


Doctor Dru & Adana Twins: Anymore

Pleasing the early morning or very late night crowd with their tune „Anymore“, playfully fooling around with a former UK Garage vocal snippet and a lively, positive bassline in a deeper House surrounding, these producers have not only been picked for releases by Berlin's Shir Khan for his Exploited imprint, but also making waves on Hamburgs Baalsaal Records associated with the club of the same name. The twins – also known as Take It Easy and Friso – are teaming up with their buddy Martin Doncello a.k.a. Dr. Dru here, who has been writing material for the legendary Bootsy Collins and masterminding the Sarah Walker & The Fuzz project before taking over the world with his own stuff.


Deo & Z Man: Silversong

Two brothers in arms – bond by blood & music. With releases on labels like Acker Records, Opossum and Compost Black under their belt it's no wonder that their kind of blurry, but positive „Silversong“ is not only a beautiful piece of music, but also a secret weapon for open air daylight raves. Regularly travelling the Hamburg-Berlin axis, the Italian-rooted, HipHop-infested pair is hitting the decks of highly valued venues like Uebel & Gefährlich, Golden Pudel Club, Golden Gate or Ritter Butzke on a nearly weekly basis, setting crowds on fire with energetic and wide-ranged DJ-sets.


Remute: This Tune Is Unemployed

The Belgrade-born Denis Karimani a.k.a. Remute is another high profile export from Hamburg, pleasing crowds with his trippy trademark TechHouse variations for about a decade now and this is what he does with this one as well. This tune might be unemployed but it keeps the floor busy like Remutes productions for labels as diverse as the Hamburg-based Dial, Traum, Areal or Tresor and remixes for Boys Noize, Paul Kalkbrenner, Punks Jump Up, GusGus and many more. In 2008 Denis Karimani launched his own label also named Remute, which gained overall attention with its very first release „Zuendli“, a track that put label and artist on the map immediately.


H.O.S.H.: Don Arp

Holger Behn a.k.a. H.O.S.H and his tune „Don Arp“, taken from his „Ego EP“, which has been recently put on the circuit via Steve Bug's Poker Flat Recordings label, are representing the club Ego and Hamburg's bubbling open air scene here, as H.O.S.H has been part of the Diynamic crew since the beginning and is responsible for the famous „Grünanlagen“ raves, which regularly attracted a more than visitors. All of them will be pleased to hear his new Deep House tune, reminiscent of the classic Club House attitude, hammered through a big P.A system.


Audision: Genetic (exclusive track)

Audision are Tobias Schmid & Niko Tzoukmanis, the cities experts for the exploration of advanced Detroit influenced realms in electronic music. Ever floating and good for dancefloor and homelistening use alike the exclusive „Genetic“ fits perfectly into the description Intelligent / Armchair Techno. And so do a lot of their productions to be found on their own imprint &nd, e.g. this years „Up & Away EP“ which blew roofs with Robag Wruhme re-edit of their tune „Yellow Sunset“. Tobias Schmid is also representing the hanseatic Audision-sound down in his birthplace Augsburg, co-hosting a regular club night named „auto.matic.music“.


Meta.83: Tackle (exclusive track)

Liebe*Detail co-founder Christoph Eix a.k.a. Meta.83 is the next one serving an exclusive piece to please the purists. „Tackle“, a beautifully stripped down and skeletal fusion of Acid-infused minimalism and DubTechno made for very late night moments. There's no need for more than only a few well-chosen elements to build an essential tune – this essential insight is the extract of more than 14 years of electronic music production.


Bon & Rau: Iris

Christopher Rau and Jacques Bon, both established producers in their own right on labels like Aim, Smallville and Giegling, are serving an ever floating tune here with playful, 'troity tones and sweet synth structures re-building over and over again. Taken from their 2012-released 12“ on Smallville Records, the two are closely bond to the label with Jacques Bon running the Smallville Shop in Paris and Christopher Rau releasing his debut album „Asper Clouds“ on the respected Hamburg imprint back in 2010.


Lawrence: Creator

Lawrence, better known as Peter M. Kersten to his parents, is a „Creator“ for sure. Art and style loving DJ / producer, co-founder of revolving labels like Dial, Laid and Smallville as well as the record store of the same name with an endless stream of productions and DJ-sets all over the place. With „Creator“ he unveals his very personal view on 'troity shades for the dancefloor. His very unique style became widely popular after the release of his same titled album „Lawrence“ via Dial / Ladomat 2000 a good ten years ago, followed by numerous single releases and further albums on Dial / NovaMute and Mule Electronics.


Seidensticker & Salour: Golden Times (feat. Sir Henry in dub)

Jakob Seidensticker and Bardia Salour, two long time activists on the cities circuits, are teaming up with Sir Henry In Dub again for a freestyle TechHouse jam including dubby influences as well as jazzy piano licks on top of a solid primetime builder that easily sets clubs on fire. Having played mutual DJ-sets for years and setting up events together, it was only a question of time until they joined forces in the studio, which led to a string of conjunctional 12“ releases on Einmaleins Musik, URSL, FormResonance and other labels since 2010.


Henry: Skalar (Shifted Mix) (exclusive track)

Henry Stamerjohann is one of the pioneering figures of Hamburgs scene and altaheough his productions are rare and they are always crafted expertly, bearing witness of a DJ-experience of more than two decades now. And so does his exclusive production „Skalar (Shifted Mix)“, which is nothing but a lesson in classic DubTechno. Timeless as his inspiring DJ-sets that have been enthralling audiences whereever he plays. In Hamburg, Henry also co-ran the Click venue which was regarded as one of the main hubs for quality Minimal Techno / TechHouse for years.


Extrawelt: Zeitfuge

Arne Schaffhausen und Wayan Raabe have been playing nearly every big festival after releasing two massive albums on Cocoon Recordings, which gained them a widespread recognition not only from electronic music purists. Their beautiful „Zeitfuge“ is taken from their latest Cocoon-outing „Raum In Raum E.P.“ and a solid continuation of the Extrawelt-sound the pair of 1977 and 1979-born producers have refined after their „Soopertrack“ was picked by James Holden for his Border Community-imprint in 2005. Their musical history goes back to 1992, when they started out DJ'ing as Spiralkinda DJ-Team, being involved into X-Dream and released under the names of Spirallianz and Midimiliz before focusing exclusively on their Extrawelt moniker.


Soukie & Windish: Park Fiction (exclusive track)

Soukie & Windish are breaking through big time. Having gained massive momentum throughout the past 12 months, their exclusive tune „Park Fiction“ is named after a sweet hangout spot near the river Elbe in Hamburg and reflecting on that sweetness musically. Deep, melodic TechHouse for intimate moments of joy like as they're also brought by their releases and remixes on the Hamburg-based labels Eminor or Liebe*Detail as well as further outings on Acker Dub, Seenplatte and other imprints.


Suburb: The Kid (exclusive track)

With only two releases on Thema from New York, there's not much known about mysterious Hamburg duo Suburb, who is contributing the exclusive track „The Kid“ here. Pumping and dancefloor functional this decent piece of House music captivates due to beautiful string arrangements and lively percussion works.


Marc Schneider & Aera: Sumback

Marc Schneider & Aera are well-pleasing the lovers of pumping House music with their tune „Sumback“. Classic stabs, a known and loved micro vox snippet, handclaps and even some breakbeats to be found underlaying the tunes breakdown – perfectly crafted and 100% timeless. Whilst Marc Schneider has been involved into Hamburg's electronic scene from day dot as a DJ and later as integral part of the distribution company Wordandsound Ralf Schmidt a.k.a. Aera has built his reputation through continuous 24/7 work, since he got his first synthesizer back in 1996. Aera is 50% of the Goldwill project as well as the mastermind behind the label Aleph Music.


Kruse & Nuernberg: Home by Six (feat. Karina Junker)

Taken of their latest outing on liebe*detail, the gifted pair of Florian Kruse and Nils Nürnberg invite Karina Junker to join there tour de force – gallopping TechHouse drums, sexy vocal bits and sweet uptempo energy for very primetime moments. This primetime focus easily caught the attention of labels from all around the planet including Rejected, Mood Music, King Street, Systematic and many more as well as producers as Groove Armada or Dennis Ferrer, for whom they produced top notch remixes. Their debut album is scheduled for October 2012 and their own label Save Room Recordings has recently reached the 20 releases mark.


Vincenzo: You Remind Me

The man named Vincenzo Ragone does not need any further introduction. Long time DJ and stalwart producer, core member of both Dessous and Poker Flat Recordings artist roster and the master of pleasantly sounding Deephouse his serving „You Remind Me“ is another proof of his musical mastery that can be found on his three albums, more than thirty singles and a hundred plus remixes released since the starting of his career. „You Remind Me“ is pure joy for all Deephouse connaisseurs.


School of Zuversicht: Salon der Idioten (exclusive track)

School of Zuversicht is an artist collective from Hamburg which acts in different constellations in the field of music, art and performance. This house track - strongly influenced by wind section - is a collaboration between DJ Patex (amongst others part of Knarf Rellöm Trinity and Golden Pudel Club) and Manuel Scuzzo (Misses next match, Hanseplatte).

After their debut album "Randnotizen from idiot town", which was released 2010 on Pingipung/Kompakt, we find now the exclusive track "Salon der Idioten" - build and created for all human being, pets and idiots.


Smallpeople: Black Ice

With their debut album „Salty Days“ recently released via Smallville Records it's pretty clear that the Smallpeople a.k.a Julius Steinhoff and Just von Ahlefeld have to be part of this compilation for sure. The sparsely arranged „Black Ice“ is taken from their album and can be seen as a showcase of their musical direction. Dancefloor minimalism and functionality to the max, that is the reason why they're regarded as the latest hype and have seen an overall appreciation of their album work by the electronic dance music press.


Clark Davis: Matebasis (exclusive track)

After being around on Hamburgs DJ-circuit for quite a while, the 1978-born Benjamin Holtz a.k.a. Clark Davis has slowly started to embrace production as well with his first release put on the map back in 2009. „Matebasis“ sweetly fuses DeepHouse and dubby influences, a calm but thrilling exploration of the deep.


Modern S†alking: Serendepity (exclusive track)

With his exclusive tune „Serendepity“, a melancholia-driven swinging halftime piece from out of space that is simply not fitting into any of todays genre terms but Electronica, he is going deeper as ever. Blurry Detroit feels and far out influences from Dubstep and Future Garage amalgamated, creating a new, thrilling and previously unheard masterpiece setting paths for things to come. Watch out for the upcoming album on the promising "Poem" imprint.


Victor Marek: My Favourite Thing (exclusive track)

Victor Marek is another part of the Golden Pudel-family, serving the final exclusive tune within these package. „My Favorite Thing“ is an eerie, high tension view on Future Garage, Sublow and UK Bass Music straight from the rough streets of Hamburg. This man is a true jack of all trades, carving out is own niche with his solo productions on Staatsakt only since 2010, teaming up with Ed Keylocko or Ashraf Sharif Khan, but has been influential to the cities scene as part of Knarf Rellöm Trinity, 8doogymoto, The Boy Group and The Kings Of Dub Rock for years.


Wareika: Forest

Wareika is the group of Florian Schirmacher, Henrik Raabe and Jakob Seidensticker with a single discography on a widespread range of labels including Tartelet, liebe'detail, Circus Company and more plus a massive album out on Perlon that has them sent touring allover the place. „Forest“ perfectly documents their free floating approach on music that is appreciated by fans world wide. Formed and founded out of a spontaneous jam session in summer 2008, which resulted in a 46 minute recording named „Men Village“, this team worked on a new Techno-Jazz-fusion since then. A spiritual journey in sound that is taking clubs and festivals by storm.

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