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Hamburg's people are associated with traits such as modesty and coolness which can also be said about the music scene of Germany's second largest city. While there is a lot of buzz in the media about creatives being envious to the capital, the music scene, especially in the electronic fields, has been thriving brilliantly here in the last few years. Now hfn music's new subsidiary hafendisko puts an end to Hanseatic understatement: "hamburg elektronisch" is a new compilation series of stunning electronic beats by Hamburg's favourite artists such as old masters like DJ Koze and Lawrence but also promising newcomers like Smallpeople and Wareika...


DJ Phono: Paper Aeroplane

Our Hamburg-based 'Deichkind' member Phono adventures the step of being solo-producer and becomes a grown-up musician by delivering this wonderful unpretentious piece of music. 'Paper Aeroplane' is coined by his recently produced debut album with the aid of 'A Different Jimi' (Ego Express).


Kollektiv Turmstrasse: Schwindelig

This 'Kollektiv' is originally from Luebeck. Please turn a blind eye to this here in the matter of stringency. At least even Ryan-Air passes Luebeck off as Hamburg. 'Schwindelig' is taken from their much-loved album 'Rebellion der Träumer' where house, ambient and electronica are complected.


RVDS: A Walk On The Moon

RVDS stands for Richard von der Schulenburg. You're bang on, formerly he striked the keys of the 'Hamburger Schule' rockband 'Die Sterne'. Meanwhile he runs the Hamburg-based house-label 'It's' which released this slow growing acid monster track shortly ago. By the way this brilliant peace of work should also perfectly fit into his DJ sets as a resident of Hamburg's famous 'Golden Pudel Club'.


DJ Koze: Blume der Nacht

About nobody in this list are less words needed than about Stefan Kozalla alias DJ Koze. He's not only probably Hamburg's most famous DJ but one of the best, too. 'Blume der Nacht' is a mile-long superb twisted Koze track just as we all love him.


Tensnake: Congolal

His megahit 'Coma Cat' made him one of the most requested producers, live acts and international known newcomers in the in the dance music scene. The labelowner of 'Mirau' who keeps Hamburg's music scene on the go for many years shows with 'Congolal' his love for old disco and house again without stepping into the 'retro-trap'.


David August: Hamburg Is For Lovers

Our baby of the family on this compilation. Only 20-years-old David August succeeds in creating a great summerhit attended by this euphoriant bouncing piano released on Diynamic. David, Hamburg is not only for lovers, Hamburg also loves you.


Soukie & Windish: Small feat. Rayo

Showing up hanseatic relaxed as always the duo Soukie & Windish delivers a twisted minimal house track with heart and soul as an exclusive on this compilation. Accompanied by vocals by Rayo this track doesn't need to proof itself and in the end that's why it shows so much heart and soul.


Extrawelt: My Stupid (Dub Mix)

Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe are on the roll in the music business together for almost 20 years now but never achieved as much success as with their project "Extrawelt" which made them one of the most booked live acts around the globe. 'My Stupid' in the dub version certainly makes you guess the dimension of one of their live shows.


Solomun: Curesto

The Bosnian-born Solomun is one of the most influential figures of Hamburg's music scene. He proves that to us by beeing DJ and producer, running one of Hamburgs most popular underground clubs named 'Ego', beeing part of the label 'Diynamic', discovering talented newcomers like 'Stimming' and of course by producing tracks like 'Curesto'.


H.O.S.H.: Hamburg Night

Holger Behn is not only part of the Diynamic-collective but rather organiser of the ever growing legendary 'Grünanlage' open air which gathers thousands of people under Hamburg's sky by having the best bookings. 'Hamburg Night' gives you a pretaste of what it's like when it's getting dark there.


Kruse & Nürnberg: Lights Down

Young and talented duo Florian Kruse und Nils Nürnberg belong to the spearhead of Hamburg's deephouse scene. Together and with their solo projects they had notable releases on diverse labels during the last years. 'Lights Down' was exclusively produced for this compilation.


Lovebirds: The Beast

Detroit is one of the most important inspirational sources for producers of the electronic music scene. For Basti Doering that doesn't mean UR but Motown because this boy got soul. This beast here is committed to his name and pushes us forward irrepressibly.


Smallpeople & rau: Meadows

As their name makes you guess the Smallpeople come from the heart of Smallville record store in Hamburg St. Pauli. On their track 'Meadows' they show their love for old school house and techno touched by modern jamming tunes.


Isolée: Törn

Rajko Mueller originally from Frankfurt is with his sophisticated micro-house productions one of Hamburg's most important music producers. 'Törn ' which is a north-german word for trip was firstly released in 2010 on the label 'Dial'. Recently Müller released his album on 'Pampa Records'.


Stimming: For My Girl

Martin Stimming was one of the producers who brought Hamburg back into the match to impose standards in the international electronic music scene. In tracks like 'For My Girl' he's creating deep moods with a few precisely defined atmospheric soundstructures which still leave enough room to breathe and are always worth listening twice.


Christopher Rau: Do Little

Of all Hamburg deep house producers Christopher Rau is probably the most 'dubby' one. Besides beeing a DJ and producer he runs his own label 'Dérive'. This track nevertheless was previously released on his debut album 'Asper Clouds' on Smallville Records.


Lawrence: Just Like Heaven

Peter Kersten is the so-called 'grand old man' who's enjoying respect from Hamburg's different music scenes. Apart from running the labels 'Dial' and 'Laid' he's the co-owner of the Smallville record store and the Smallville label. In spite of all that and a vast number of long DJ-nights Kersten doesn't only still look like he's aged twenty but producing brilliant fresh and emotional tracks like this one.


Wareika: Mold Area

Henrik Raabe, Jakob Seidensticker und Florian Schirrmacher are the band 'Wareika'. All working on their solo projects by the way, the trio consisting of multi-instrumentalists, DJs and producers is together as a band much more than the sum of their individuals. Somewhere between kraut, jazz and dancefloor 'Mold Area' gives us an impression of the their sound.


Remute : Atomic Bell Pt.1

Denis Karimani aka Remute is Hamburgs secret weapon when it comes to loud and strong rave anthems. "Atomic Bell" was taken from the old hand's 4th studio album called "Cowbell Mania" which completely consists of cowbell sounds. Muuuuh!


Vincenzo: Tasmania

Hamburg's native and deep house style icon Vincenzo Ragone has been casted away via detours over Barcelona and Berlin to Australia. 'Tasmania' is taken from his third album 'Wherever I Lay My Head' which was recently released on Dessous Recordings.

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