Sebastopol by Alexi Raimbault


Out now: Sebastopol - Plowshare

Out now on hafendisko: Sebastopol's Plowshare EP!

Sébastien Bouchet has a penchant for intricacy and detail. It is present in subtle delicacy throughout his production, his music as much about mood and environment. The Frenchman has amassed a reputation for releasing tactfully crafted music on the likes of Kompakt, Hippie Dance, Hypercolour and more. His appearances prevalent and each release enlightening in its own sense. He now goes by the name of SEBASTOPOL.

Here returning to hafendisko, Bouchet experiments with pushing the dancefloor into weirder places while remaining true to his party starting reputation.

Plowshare features a driving beat interlacing with wonky, off-kilter chords and arp bass that push the track to the edge of insanity, before reeling it back in.

Quarterback is more restrained in a way, but has a streamlined, classy, euphoric feel that suggests this will be a centerpiece for a lot of DJs for some time. It’s emotional, hedonistic dance music for the underground.


photo by Alexi Raimbault