Remute by Katja Ruge


Since his teenage days the Belgrade-born producer released his music on legendary record-labels like Tresor, Traum, Ladomat or Bedrock and sharpened his reputation as a creator of unconventional, but sure-shot-dancefloor-fillers! Besides countless worldwide gigs at festivals, raves and cult-clubs like Berghain, he is also a very well-known and popular remixer for artists like Kid Alex aka Boys Noize, GusGus, Justin Robertson, Daniel Avery or Solomun; furthermore he is still the world record holder concerning the longest remix (60 minutes of pure acid-madness for 'Oculus' from Iceland!) in dance-music-history.

His own productions got remixed by artists like Paul Kalkbrenner, DJ Rush, Snuff Crew or Legowelt. Remute had his final breakthrough in 2008 when he launched his own, self-titled, label 'Remute‘. His probably most ambitious opus is called 'REMUTE24' and is a neverending weekly series of songs linked to news-headlines and zeitgeist: Danceable stories and rhythmic coded messages about week's hot topics, moods and events - always 100% unpredictable.     

In late 2014 he once more proved his versatility and released a quasi-official, let's say fan-made, 'speculative mixtape'-album via the US-synthwave-label Telefuture called 'Yoshiwara' which tries to provide a retro-futuristic electronic soundtrack to the infamous nightclub of the same name from the pioneering SciFi-movie 'Metropolis' - the mediator between brain and hands has to be the heart.