Les Loups by Katja Ruge

Les Loups

Les Loups are a young producer band living in Hamburg, Germany who originally got together in summer of 2010. Consisting of the multi-instrumentalists
Toni and Felix, as well as technic and production nerd Phil, the three grew up in the same neighborhood in Hanover, Germany and finally got united through 
their passion for music. The release of their debut album ‘Club Coeur’ in 2012 marked the bands junction from recycling and reframing disco and funk music from the 70’s and 80’s to their new path, which was to write, create and perform characteristic and distinct music.

Les Loups' music is a melting pot of modern dance and electronic music as well as organic and raw elements from dusty disco to glowing pop.
For their first single ‘Out of Sight’ in 2013, they teamed up with the mystical yet intriguing Moona from Paris. In the following time fruitful collaborations arose like on their summer hit ‘Colourblind’ in 2014, which introduced the amazing Cybil from London. Their highly-anticipated follow-up single ‘Stay’ features the Danish soul singer Marie Dahlstrøm. Currently they’re working on their debut EP which is set to be released in early 2016.