When Arsy was a lil' kid, his mom put him into his playpen to clean the flat, listening to a record. As she was about to start in the kitchen, she heard Arsy screaming and crying. Arsy's mom ran into the living room to check what's happened with her kid.
He was standing with his hands on the playpen crying like something went terribly wrong. She picked him up, but no dirty diaper, no bruises and no dents.

So she shaked him on her arms, but he won't stop crying. What then happened must've been some kind of a mothers instinct – heading over to the recordplayer, with little Arsy on her arms, where the a-side was finished. She flipped the record, Arsy calms down, and as she puts the needle to the record and the music starts playing again her kid started smiling and all the tears seem to be forgotten. She putted him back into his playpen and he started seesawing to the music.

From this day on it was clear, as long as the record is spinning and the music is running, everything else is not a big problem.